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  1. N

    Trophy M6 WV55 MZE

    As above. Indian chap i think in a suit today around 6 ish. Heading towards Birmingham
  2. Daz_RT_04

    Trophy Red Ph1 - Trowbridge

    Seen this earlier in Trowbridge, Ph2 rear bumper with cup spoiler also. Looked decent tbh, think it used to be on here?!
  3. J

    Trophy, All Star Childcare, Rodley Leeds

    As above, noticed car couple of times now. Anyone on here?
  4. Sherrington

    Trophy JD05BAD Vic Road West in Hebburn

    Looked spot on!
  5. S

    182 Trophy, Horwich

    As above, looked good even in the dark and rain, love the private plate, anyone's on here ? don't normally see Renaultsport stuff up here.
  6. Karlos172

    Re: Trophy spotted in Norwich 17.50 Thursday 24th Sept

    Saw a trophy tonight whilst working late queing in traffic at County Hall roundabout 17.50 AO55HNJ first one I have seen in my neck of the woods since I bought mine. I was in a new VW Polo, chap with glasses on driving the trophy, anyone on here? :-)
  7. MarcB

    Trophy Changes

    Done a few changes to the Trophy over the last week. First up was to fix the very bad exhaust hangers and mounts. These have been botched before so as i had a set in the garage doing nothing with power flex bushes into the hangers i thought i may as well get them fitted. As most...
  8. Haybails1980

    182 Trophy - Edinburgh City Bypass

    Spotted a 182 Trophy heading west round the Edinburgh City Bypass at 6:50pm. You were in the fast lane passing the Straiton turn off so i couldn't see the reg.
  9. imprezaworks

    First Megane 225 Trophy.

    Yeah, I've changed the car, again. I was interested in a Megane for a while and after circumstances altered I thought fook it why not. Only has the car since Friday so haven't driven it much. But first impressions are great. Previously owned 6 clios I think this seems a nice step up in size...
  10. A

    182 Trophy Exhaust

    Hi all, Is a standard OEM 182 Trophy exhaust the same as a normal 182 OEM exhaust?
  11. StuOwen86

    Evo magazine after a RenaultSport Megane Trophy/R

    As title just seen this if anyone one here
  12. Arfon-Rhys

    182 Trophy !!Wetsbury

    Nice 182 trophy , looking gorgeous coming through Wetsbury 1:15pm
  13. hsustyle

    Pic! Crowborough 182 Trophy

    I see this parked up my Amigos takeaway almost everyday. Anyone on here?
  14. Lou

    Trophy Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

    Spotted NM** OUL parked in the staff car park this morning around 8am.
  15. SharkyUK

    RS 182 Trophy Welsh Weekender

    Thanks to @Tim. for organising the trip and pulling everything together and Jim for providing the PDF itinerary (which came in extremely useful). Despite the little hiccups here and there, it didn't detract from what was an excellent weekend. I wish I could have been there in Trophy #165 but it...
  16. Dooby

    Liquid R27 and Trophy Essex

    Nice liquid R27 by priory park Southend and a Trophy on the A130 by retendon. Both looked mint .
  17. MarcB

    Trophy Spolier, Recaro's, Dampers + Much More

    Taken From The ClioTrophy Forum. Spolier = £100 Sachs Sampers & Springs = £1100 Recaro Seats = £650 Front Bumper = £100 Speedline Wheels = £500
  18. D

    Trophy M42 about 4/4:30PM

    I gave you a little wave/thumbs up, you gave me the dirtiest look I have ever been given, I drove on. Had a CS sticker on.
  19. MarcB

    Smashed Trophy @ Castle Combe (no 299)

    Was taken from Facebook and was posted an hour ago from Castle Combe I believe it was Trophy 299 and the driver hit a wall & possibly rolled after going into "Tower"
  20. Alex_225

    Goodbye 225 Trophy, hello AMG

    Well I had been looking for something more grown up, more luxurious and with a whacking great engine for a little while. I'd been looking at V10 M5 and M6s but was very wairy of that SMG gearbox and although I've liked the CLS for a while had no idea it fell into my price bracket. Fortunately...
  21. DrR

    Trophy hero A31, undertaking a van.

    Spotted you near Bournemouth Sadly not close enough to get a reg, the vehicle I'm in couldn't keep up lol.
  22. bashracing

    ITB Trophy on ebay

    I think it's possibly a little overpriced, maybe 5.5k tops but folks do still seem to stump up the money for them
  23. StuOwen86

    Megane Trophy R S/S - Eye watering £40,000

    Lol I'm bored lately and looking at all sorts, these look good but jeeeze £40k is a tad pricey.
  24. C

    220 Trophy Graphics

    Thinking of getting some graphics on the Trophy when it arrives and was looking for some ideas
  25. cat171

    Three in Sawbridgeworth on Saturday, Trophy, Black 182, Blue 172 Cup.

    I saw a 182 Trophy in a front garden with half the front splitter missing, private reg, A** ORG Then a black 182 parked in a car park for some flats, K33 T** And a blue 172 cup passed me on a country lane (the blue V6 was me)
  26. Typhoon

    200 on Straight Road, Trophy in Runnymede.

    200, let me out my drive, cheers mate. Trophy, a bird driving it down Runnymede. Hi, I was the Brad Pitt lookalike in the nimbus 197.
  27. pj_sibley

    ABS + ESP Lights (no SERV) - 182 Trophy

    i have searched high and low on this forum and others for an example of the same symptoms, but haven't quite found it yet.... The ABS and ESP lights are both illuminated in my 182 Trophy, from the moment of start-up to the moment of switch off. Just very occasionally, switching the ignition off...
  28. jamesycc

    Few Bristol spots - Trophy and 182

    Trophy outside the climbing centre on winterstoke rd. Black 182 on winterstoke rd about 6-8 pm.
  29. leeds_182

    Supercharged trophy

    This one a forum car? Can't help but feel it would've been better if it was left alone.
  30. Kyran clio gt 128

    Clio 182 trophy steering wheel retrim

    heard "snappy" is the guy for the retrims. How much are they?