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  1. Davyy

    Trophy and LY 197 Crawley/Purley

    Saw the Trophy go into the Portsmouth v Crawley football match about 7.30pm and saw the LY 197 by a building site in Purley about 5pm.
  2. CalJ21

    Trophy - white wheels Elmhurst road Reading, berkshire.

    who owns it! its parked outside the uni almost every day. this was the car that started it all for me wanting one. its even on google maps parked up.
  3. Wilky0302

    Clio 220 Trophy

    Hi Guys I am toying with the idea of purchasing one Are they any good? Please advise
  4. Lou

    Trophy A9 Northbound

    Spotted NJ** XNE about 2pm on the A9 heading Northbound through the roadworks near Killiecrankie.
  5. MarcB

    Full Trophy Sachs Set-up

    Not mine but posted on the Trophy Forum
  6. sugbug

    clio trophy a13,, pic included

    clio trophy today stuck in traffic on A13, i was in silver ph1 172.. nice car
  7. Scottty4eva

    Scott's road to Tricolore Trophy

    So I've been around Clionet for a couple of years now snooping around and watching other peoples progress. Me and my friend @Josh have been doing track days since we bought our 172s a few years back. But now feel it's time to make the jump to compete. Josh has been doing Trackdays pretty much...
  8. steve32c

    Trophy ASDA metro centre

    Spotted together with a mk4
  9. Stu-

    Clio trophy (on a trailer) A1 North

    As title says, just passing gosforth. looked immaculate.
  10. eddc52

    Trophy #490

    Have now owned the car a little over a month so I thought it was about time to get a thread up about it to help document it's progress as much as anything. I wasn't really specifically in the market for a Trophy, I was initially looking at getting a regular 182, but I looked at a few and they...
  11. 172_Tom

    Trophy - Cambridge

    Spotted on Bridge Street yesterday afternoon.
  12. Ash J

    Clio Trophy Engine on eBay... £1,200 Quote from ad: 'One of the rarest of engines ever to come on the used market' ..... 😂
  13. Davyy

    55 plate Trophy, Hindhead tunnel

    About 4.30pm, gave me a thumbs up and had CS stickers.
  14. P

    Trophy - Oulton Park/Chester

    Who was it then? ;) Looked awesome. I do love a good trophy!
  15. J

    Trophy W7 WR? Exeter M5 lunchtime today

    Spotted as I pulled onto the M5, drove alongside until the A38, had CS sticker. Looking nice :smile:
  16. Bendunn

    trophy rear shocks

    Hello, My car is very unstable under breaking, ive recently refreshed all the front accept for TRE's as euros sent the wrong ones! What are you guys using as a good replacment for the Sachs at he rear? or can yous till get hold of them? Benjamin
  17. C

    Clio 182 Trophy Rust

    Hi Guys, I am thinking about buying a Clio 182 Trophy and I am wondering if anyone has any previous knowledge of rust on the rear wheel arches? The seller has sent me a photo of paint bubbling just where the 2 rear wheel arch panels meet. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is a major issue...
  18. Waite_87

    Trophy and 182 @ Croft today

    Seen a nice 182 in the paddock today with F1 stickers on the front bumper. Looked good. Wouldn't mind know where them stickers are from. Trophy parked in the field. Reg was T27 something. Also nice
  19. B

    Trophy in Leeds Station car park.

    As above. Not seen one in quite a while, made a welcome change!
  20. MarcB

    Trophy Sachs Protection.

    After months of testing and looking for something i have found the best thing to protect my front sachs dampers. I have used non adhesive, water tight/proof, air tight silicone tape and its truly amazing on how good this stuff is. I have managed to get my hands on 7 rolls of the stuff to change...
  21. Lukeey

    Trophy SV55, Downton 8:20

    Saw a Stunningly Clean Trophy this morning, in Downton. reg starting: SV55
  22. R

    A Trophy and a 197/200 in Leamington Spa?

    I always see a few and know of one or two of them. One being a Black 53 lowered 172 owned by Jimmy. Today however I came across two Renault Sport Clios! One was a Trophy which I suspect is in the top of Leamington with the no. plate BJ55 ***. This car was by the BMW dealership in Heathcote...
  23. P

    Trophy - Bishops Rise, Hatfield - Mon 15/6/15

    As above. Slightly on the grubby side if I'm being brutally honest!
  24. B

    Looking at the Clio 182 (Maybe Trophy Edition)

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I currently drive a Vauxhall Corsa SXI. I'm hopefully changing jobs soon meaning I'll have more hours and more money :wink: So I've been thinking about looking into getting a Clio 182 or maybe the trophy edition at the right price:smile: I was just wondering what I...
  25. cliosscott

    A trophy engine for £1300 ?
  26. M

    Trophy in Brecon today

    Passed you as you were coming down ship street at the lights.
  27. jamesycc

    Trophy in the bristol gorge

    Spotted a lovely trophy on the Bristol portway bit like this.
  28. Wee_Billy_92

    Trophy. Dundee

    Was sitting at the garage next to Vauxhall across from matalan. Just seen the back end of it as i was passing.
  29. Leo 5

    Hi. Trophy Turini

    Hi , second time renewing membership but not really posted much on here. Just an official 'hello' then really. I am also after a speedline Turini but off a trophy if any one has for sale please, will take a pair or single. Thanks
  30. D

    Trophy, Sandwood Primary Glasgow

    Wasnt paying attention and only noticed when you flashed the lights, Clio friends and all that :tongueout::up: