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twingo pearl black advice?

right here goes.
at the weekend my mate (with me watching :)) cleaned our beloved twingo.however he told me to get tar remover (tardis?) some g101? and iron x as the paintwork has quite alot of tar deposits and fallout etc etc etc.we (well he) managed to machine polish the bootlid and and the corner of the rear there any recommendations on whats the best way to keep the bootlid and bumper in as good a condition as possible prior to the rest of the car being machined and also any good stuff to buy ref tar removing and other general stuff as i dont want a bollocking for buying cheap tat!
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
autosmart make tardis and g101, but supply in 5l bottles so depends on whether you're likely to use that much as to whether you go for a different option.

For the tar remover, Carpro tar-x or autofinesse ablitarate can be found in smaller sizes and work just as well.

G101 is an all purpose cleaner that can be diluted down dependant on what you want to use it for, but it can have a negative affect on any waxes or sealants used to protect the paint. So maybe a wax safe pre wash product may best suit your needs? what are you looking to use it for?

as for keeping it in good condition, look into a paint cleanser, with black ideally with good filling properties to hids any minor blemishes. this will keep the paint looking fresh. then use a wax or sealant to protect the paint and the hard work and prep. loads of choices so depends on your budget, and whether you want looks or durability.
now dont shout as i dont have the first idea of cleaning a car at all!
g101 i think he used on the wheels
im ideally wanting it to be ready for the next time he pops down to do a full machine polish ready for the summer.all i was told was to get tar remover iron-x or similar and something to protect the rear of the car as its been machined already
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
Tar remover - Carpro Tar-x
Iron remover - Carpro Iron-x
Protection - Carpro Reload
Order direct and CS members get 10% discount

It's also worth using clay after iron and tar removal before machine polishing.