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1.4 16v VS 172

Test drove the 172 today, and was suprised it wasnt that fast!
maybe its because I didnt take it over the 4.5rpm mark, this proves maybe the 1.4 16v can keep up with it at low revs!!

glad i chose my car!!!!!!

I suggest people ignore him This is clearly aimed to annoy 172 owners All I say is whatever you like to think in your little fantasy world hehe, keep on posting m8 I wont be posting in your posts again


dont b so stupid-u aint got a clue how to drive a car do you

if i drove a turbo and never revved till the turbo kicked in in wouldnt be fast

and if a ferrari never revved above 2000rpm i could prob beat it!!!!

as for u, u GOT to cane the sh*t out of it just to make it move at a respectable pace, and THAT aint even fast

p.s if u didnt take the 172 above 5000rpm the vvt wouldnt of kicked in and wouldnt feel special-ur such a pleb and it just goes to show how much more u need to learn abour cars

where u was saturday by the way-wonder why u didnt come to the clio meet considering u only live down the road-bet u was out caning EVOs, GTRs, WRXs, COSSIEs in UR tyre shredding BEAST

i bet before you had your car, you thought your dads ride on lawn mover was dead quick, probably keep up with a punto turbo or something. Or maybe you still think that.

please mr. 17 yr old.....GROW UP!

BTW, he meant he tested the 172 on GT3!!!
  Silver Fabia vRS

Oh my do spout some utter b****cks dont you! Why do you think the 172 revs to 7000rpm....maybe becuase you can use it. As someone else said the VVT doesnt kick in until 5000rpm when things go mental.

Ill tell you what Ill race you in my 172 and we can get loads of Cliosport members to watch. Then I can prove your talking b****cks and humilate you in the process (not that you seem to need help on that last point!)


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

oh man, this must be the sadest thread I think Ive read yet! Im contemplating deleting it, any ideas?

Oh, by the way, I just whipped a Harrier Jet 0 to 600 mph. He just had the edge on me above 600 mph tho.

NO no leave it on.....maybe hell go back to the fast car mags!

ill bet my both testicles and main member that a 172 will beat you using no more than 2500-3000rpm max in any gear.

god.......anything else stupid you have to say, please, my day was dull.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Jas, Geoff,

Leave this on here are watch him getting ripped to pieces.

twofast4u - What ya like m8. Hello.
My misses metro feels as fast as the 172 when you start it up and then the similarity stops.

As soon as you hit 5000rpm the 172 starts to boil then rips off like a bl00dy missile.


ClioSport Admin
  Maserati Ghibli S

I just saw that Ferrari thread, just before lunch as well, unsurprisingly Im not hungry now.

no no no jas leave it on

its a welcome change to have someone to cain after respondint sensibly and genuinely to other posts. just leave it on, bit of harmless fun really as long as no harsh abuse is given

  mk2 172

ive only been in rhyss 172 once, and was pinned to the seat so someone must have forgot to put a couple of ht leads or summat on

Quite simply, if he really thinks that why does he not join us on a clio meet....the wazzz down to the front was the nads, hmm wonder if hed have kept up with us all :/

Heheh...nice one Craggy. Just got to work on beating your Williams to 100 now!

"2fast" - why did you take a test drive in a 172 and NOT take it above 4500rpm? I mean, DOH!!!!!


This one is like the guy who tried it on with my scoob yesterday on the motorway....
1. he had an ax gti, k reg
2. i have a slightly modified uk spec turbo.
3. he tried, i floored it in 5th and outpaced him
4. he tried again, i knocked it into 4th and really left him
5. i got bored, let him fly past then changed lanes and floored it in 5th and caught him.

Point being, 1.4s are SLOW!


not if there in a bike!!
but were not goin to this again.

i think he didnt go above 4.5k cause he kept slippin off the stool on the seat and his feet couldnt reach the pedals fully....the clutch is realy heavy on a 172 too!
  320d M Sport

Where does this guy get off?? I mean, which normal "enthusiast" takes a 172 car out and doesnt give it some welly??
Why am I even bothering to type this?

  mk2 172

im sure next time someone will beat me as the miles on ur motors start clocking up, hell at the start of all this i was just hopin id keep up. so im happy enough regardless if some ones beats my motor, but i can be happy that my car is well faster than the book suggests



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, youd be surprised to know mthat the VVT on a Clio 172 kicks in at 1200rpm actually and not 5000rpm like people think!

No bullsh!t either... ask the captain.

Hi M8.. well, to my best knowledge.. yes it does..

what you feel is purely the cam and ve reach optimum..

the vvt would appear to be for idle only..

ps.. can you email me blackadders number (mobile)

yer pal..

  Ford Fiesta

what the hell is going on with this forum nowadays? everyone is getting at each other? settle down everyone.