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16v Seteering Wheel Onto RL

  Pug 306 GTi-6

Hi Folks, Just picked up my new seats from my m8 who crashed his 16v. Also got the steering wheel off of him but dont know how it fits? Anyone shed any light? Think I might have to get a boss kit or something similar.

Old Wheel:

New Wheel:

Thanx in advance
Baz :cool:

yes, you need the clio 16v boss...or williams boss or R19 16v boss or GTT boss...aftermarket ones may also fit.
  Pug 306 GTi-6

Trued to get the one out of the 16v but wouldnt budge, undid the 5 allen screws and the big bolt in the middle but wasnt budging? Are there any more screws to get it off??

No, no other bolts/bolts. Youd be better bolting the wheel back on with the allen bolts then soaking the big column nut hole with wd-40 to loosen it and get more leverage. It will come off eventually with a good bit of force.
  Pug 306 GTi-6

I have tried pulling the boss off but doesnt moove, is it possible that it somehow unscrews from the column?

No itll just be on tight. They take a lot of force to move...and i mean a lot, hence reattching the wheel to get more leverage...try yanking it from side to side while pulling on it. On my megane i had to take a hammer to the wheel to remove it from the column...
  Clio 172 Cup

Yeh they take alot of force to get off. i have a put a 16v wheel in my rl.

In the end my mate stood outside and gave it one hell of a yank and it came off.

Sorry to thread hyjak, but when putting the wheel on how do you get it so that ur indicators turn off when u straighten as mine dont since i have done the conversion.