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16V vs Rsi


My M8 has recently bought a 1.9 Rsi clio, and he reckons it can kick my 16vs arse. Although we havent yet compared the cars I was just woundering if anyone knew the answer to my question?? Cheers. :confused:

If hes talkin about the mk1 shape clios then itll be a 1.8 8v and unless its well modded it definately should not kick your valvers ass!!

you should have no worries at all, unless its had a turbo put on it or something drastic like that. imagine your valver without the rush above 4.5k and youre getting close to what an rsi is like.

it should be a 1.8

i thought they were 1.8, as everyone has said

you should have no worries unless he has done some serious work

Erm...I dont think so!

Youre not just talking about another 30bhp in a car that weighs the same, youve also got wider tracks, superior cooling, better breathing and a four-bar torsion set-up at the rear (two-bar on the non-wide arch Clios).

The RSi is a good motor, but its basically a normal Clio chassis with some tasty bits bolted on. The 16v is a bona fide hot hatch - developed with Renault Sport and raced competitively back in the early 1990s.

The difference is not as drastic as the 1.6 16v Clio 2 is to the 172; more like the performance difference between a 330i and an M3.

I went to the Ace cafe in November, and this bloke with a Rsi was giving it, he said his car bottoms out at 140mph, which i think is a load of Sh*T and he reckoned his motor was better than a 16v. We will see !

The 1991-1997 RSi was, as far as I know, a variant of the 95bhp 1.8 (1783cc, then 1794cc) F3P engine. My Renault sources quote this engine, which was also found in the early 1.8 RT and 1.8 Baccara (luxury model), as having 95bhp @ 5700rpm and 105lb/ft of torque @ 2800rpm. However, Ive also seen this engine quoted as available in 110bhp form - which I believe was available in the 96-on Phase 3 shape (when the 16v and Willy were discontinued). This latter engine had a slightly higher compression ratio.

The Autocar test for the 1996 RSi in 110bhp spec is 0-60 in 8.9 secs and a top whack of 118mph, its 30-70 is quoted as 9.2secs and the 50-70 in 5th as 11.2 secs.

Meanwhile, a 1991 test for the Clio 16v is 0-60 in 7.4 secs, top whack of 127mph, a 30-70 in 7.1 secs and 50-70 in 5th as 8.9 secs.

Im guessing that the RSi would pick up as well as the 16v would out of its post 4500rpm power band (16v has 116-119lb/ft torque at 4250rpm), but once the 16v hit that power band it would thoroughly demolish it.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Whoa whoa whoa, hang on....the RSI aint that slow....i know a guy with one, and although he has modified it, it really does do well to keep up with my 16V...

Think he has induction kit, full magnex system, power boost valve and chip...

Not standard i know, but he was doing 135mph behind me on M62!

Or perhaps mine is in need of a tune? - dont think so tho cos raced a few 16vs of various stages of modification, and is about as quick as most of em...only speaking from experience tho..

Im not saying the RSi is slow - my mate has one. Mines not a standard Valver, so it wouldnt be fair to compare. But my mate has a bog standard 16v and when he raced the RSi it wasnt a close one. In other words, he toasted it - as would be expected by looking at the figures in my last post.

Those mods listed above wont usually give a noticeable power gain - certainly not to Valver levels anyway.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

Could be my cr@p driving skills maybe!?!

It was quick, and i was suprised, but not as fast as mine outright - acceleration was no contest 0-100 - but it wasnt that slow...

I must agree with u benh i owned a rsi and i dont drive nothin like a valver

in a rsi u would be changing into 4th at 70

in a valver u can go all the way up to 90 till changing in to 4th

i know what i prefer to drive now

Ive raced several RSis as there seems to be quite a few round my way. You shouldnt have any problems what so ever.

i had a guy in the same solour car as me, pull up next to me and it was an rsi.. he was well lookin at my car.. so he obviously knew what it was... i gave him a smile and then the race was on...

lights changed.. his low down 8 valve torque went and out accelerated me off the start.. - u could almost see the smile of victory across his face - then i hit 4000 rpm and BOOM!! i shot past him like he was standin still and continued to accelerate away.. as we came up to the next set of lights he turned off, but smiled and gave a wave to aknowledge...

Cheers for info everyone, a certain friend of mine is about to get destroyed by my black 16ver. Oh this is gonna be sweet! ps. I wish more people would aknowledge after a race instead, of bein ignorant.