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17 Speedline Turini’s for Clio Cup

Has anybody put 17" wheels on there Clio Cup.

My local Alloy Wheel place has offered me a set of Flowformed Speedline Turini 7x17" alloys with Falken 205/4017 tyres for £700.00 which is F##king cheap but they are ET35. Team Dynamics say a 38mm offset for 7x17" on a 172 but my Cup has been lowered.

Well ive got 17s on my mk2 172 lowered 40mm allround ET40. At first the shop give me ET35 put them on and they were just catching on the arches even with just 2 people in so thats when i got the ET40 then got the arches rolled and theres no more catching. Im not sure if there would ov bin any catching if id left the ET35s on and got the arches rolled. Paul have u had ur arches rolled and wots it bin lowered?

bondy My Cup wheels are already sold to my mate with a 172 sorry.

paul172 . I have not had my archs rolled but my mate does it so i might try the wheels on and have a look.

gord r What offset are your wheels.
  Lionel Richie

It has different offset wheels to make the track wider!!!! ET 35 should be ok, you canalways add 3-5mm spacers