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172 alarm problem

  172 Sport Mk11PH1
my 2000 plate 172 alarm starte playing up today,it has killed the battery!
once unlocking the car from the fob and opening a door the hazzard lights start a cycle of flashes and the led by the gearshift is on ??? can any1 help as thisd cobra alarm is nothing but a pain and i need to drive the car but cant because the hazzards are on !!!:mad:
How to interpret the flashing light after the alarm has gone off.

1 Blink. Either the doors, bonnet or boot have been opened. The sensor for the bonnet is mounted down by the front headlight on the passenger side it's a commonly failing sensors it can get water in it and rust. If it is going off then you'll probably need a new sensor or attempt to take the present one to pieces, and fix it. The sensors on the doors are the normal ones used to set off the interior lights so if the interior lights work of the doors then these won't be at fault. The sensor on the boot is the same as the door ones and so if the boot light works then this sensor should be fine.

2 Blinks. Additional sensor triggered. This shouldn't be an issue on a normal Clio alarm as the only sensors are on the bonnet doors and boot and the volumetric ones. This maybe set of if an approved alarm installer has added the alarm not from the factory i.e. Motor point etc.

3 Blinks. Ultrasonic sensor triggered. These are the little sensors on the front door pillars. If this is the reason for them being set off then you can either turn them off (as written about above) or apply some of the other ways quoted above.

4 Blinks. Someone has attempted to start the car with the wrong key.

6 Blinks. Someone has attempted to tamper with the alarm system in some way i.e. cutting wires.

7 Blinks. Serial line error. This is a problem with the alarm unit itself best go to Renault or a Cobra installer to get them to analysis the problem.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Check that the sensors aren't pointing at each other... simple, but it had me annoyed for weeks.