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172 cup clicking sound from passenger front wheel

  172 Cup, Clio 197
Had this for a few weeks now, sounds like a ty wrap tied to the drive shaft and hitting the floor as you drive along. The rate increases with car speed and not engine rpm and does it in all gears and declutched. I jacked up the front end today and let it run in first and second with the left wheel off but couldn't hear the noise. However the left wheel was rotating much slower than the right side and was stopping and starting in small segments. I could grab the wheel and it stops whilst in gear and under engine power but I think this is normal? However there's a crappy sound coming from between the gearbox output and sounds almost sounds like a set of balded cog teeth rotating (but missing most the time) inside another set of ring teeth. The car drives fine and theres no other abnormal noises. What ya reckon im looking at?
  172 Cup, Clio 197
Ive done some digging around and i came across this :

pads and discs could be an option, i know the discs have been on for 6 years / 30k miles and theyre just showing up low on the indicator.

Id go for that if someone could rule out the strange behaviour of the shaft when jacked up, i aint ever looked at this before but im pretty certain i shouldnt be able to grab it with my hand and stop it? or is that how the diff should work? if so, when i let go should it start rotating again freely?
  172 Cup, Clio 197
does it straight normal driving, and only after say 5 mins when things warm up. also doesnt seem to do it when damp or if its raining. could be worth looking at the left side shaft joint, just annoying cause i cant replicate it on jacks. suppose i could take it out for half hour or so and jump on the brakes get em hot and try and see if i can replicate it again with the wheel on and off