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172 cup or 182 standerd

  Artic Blue 182FF
Just woundering what i should get. thinking about selling my 1.2 in jan... i love th 172 Cup as you can pic them up for 6500+ but was just woundering if i should just wait another year till the 182 come down in price and buy once of them? what do you guys recomend?

  Golf GTD
Nothing in it speedwise mate.

If you plan on tracking it and getting lots of mods, get a cup, if you prefer looks and comfort, on a car thats still quick, get a 182.

Not much difference though, so to be honest, if it means waiting a year, get the cup now :)
might be worth checking insurance as well. Because some companys won't insure 172 cups, due to lots of claims.
  Artic Blue 182FF
yeah cheers, 182s are still expensive tho. pluss my insurance on a cup would be 145 pound, 3rd party would be a bit more on the 182 i would think with them been newer and having the extra 10 bhp...
The Cup more prown to crashing so if you've not much driving experiance in quick cars I'd be tempted to wait for a 182 or why not just get a normal 172 with aircon etc? or even better you can pick up a phase 1 172 for £3~4k now depending on age.
  Artic Blue 182FF
yeah think its gonna be the 172Cup there right cheap at the moment! dunno what colour yet tho!. Prob Artic Blue. what are the colours you can get a 172 cup in. Pearl Black, Artic Blue iceburg silver? ? ?
  Golf GTD
Just mondial blue, with a very very few rare ones in silver mate.

None of the other colours...

*Edit- iain is warm and he beat me*
  Artic Blue 182FF
got a blue 1.2 16v now. dont like the silver ones felt like a change in colour... i love this car just, its just not a sport... lol
Thats not mondial blue tho mate, totally different colour imo. Would have the cup. Cups are more prone to crashes if you like to drive like a dick mate.

Its up 2 you:-

Cup= Slightly faster and more of a "drivers" car, without ABS the main opinion is that this is a worry but ive had no trouble yet and the weather has been really bad round here.

182= extras, should get warrenty, nicer exhausts, costs quite a lot more.

When i made this decsion i made it purely on what i read and the main opinion on here seemed to be that the 172 cup was the way to go for me as i could of afforded either tbh.

Insurance with directline was 822 on the cup and 805 on the 182

im 21 with 2 years ncb
  Artic Blue 182FF
ive been reading some of them that are forsale on autotrader... some say with ABS some say without? i'm guessing the newer model has abs? or there just liers?

edit, the newer plates has abs is what i ment?