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172 Cup power steering - leaks and levels

  Clio 172 Cup

I've got a PAS leak on my 172 Cup. I tried topping the fluid up this morning (which appears to have temporarily cured the problem) but I couldn't make out the liquid level on the reservoir at all. Are they actually supposed to be see-through so you can see the fluid level from outside?

Also, I've had a quick look from above and couldn't see where the leak was coming from. Judging by the dark patch on the drive it's on the left hand side of the engine bay (same side as the reservoir, so presumably all the PAS hardware is on that side?) Apart from just getting underneath and examining all the hoses and connectors is there anything in particular to check?


  172 Cup
Its at the front of the engine bay to the left, its awkward but you can get a spanner on it without removing the bumper.