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172 cup rear belts gOne!!!

  182/ 172 Cup
My offside rear seatbelt looks like it has gone off (pre tensioner) the airbag light didn't come on tho, should it have?

I removed the belt as it was unusable, now the lights come on!!!! What resistor can I put in the plug to fool the computer? I know it's possible just didn't know the resistance it needs?

I will replace it with a new belt with a new tensioner but want to see if the light will go off! For now I have replaced the belt but it was from a later Clio and didn't have a tensioner.

Cheers kris


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Front ones go off with a 10ohm resistor. Can't say for sure if that will work on a rear though sorry.
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
Normally the SRS circuit is a self diagnosing system that looks for open circuits at 'key-on' test. If the circuits are all closed and the resistence readings on the trigger lines are within scope the light will go off and stay off with a resistor in place. However, If a crash signal has been sent to trigger a pre-tensioner then you won't get the light off and the SRS computer will need resetting/replacing before the light vanishes.

  182/ 172 Cup
Yeah I get that Mick, does a crash signal have to be sent for the tensioner to have gone off? No airbags or anything were gone, also with the seatbelt in place the airbag light wasn't on! I spose il have to find the correct seatbelt to fit then see what happens from there?