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172 - engine failed to start

Bummer scenario.

Popped down renault dealer @ lunch to get some parts, on the way back I fill up with a full tank of petrol then drive back to work (2 minutes) and park the car up front first, surrounded by hedges in a little bay. Car is on a slight gradient, front being higher than rear.

Leave work 2.5 hrs later, quite misty, been raining. Get in car go to start it up and the engine keeps turning over and over and wont start! So leave a few seconds and then try starting with foot down on pedal. Car starts OK but i take my foot off to quick and it stalls. Then wont start - try about 4 times.

Leave the car 5 minutes, go back and try again - starts after a few attempts.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on here? Ive got a decat pipe, BMC CDA - cold air feed and Magnex exhaust. I checked the cold air feed to make sure there wasnt loads of water in it. Could it be the lambda sensors?

my car stalls sometimes, but not all those problems. I was told it was a fuel injection problem. Id get mine sorted if i had any spare time off work!

we had a problem with a customer whos car would always not start under ceratail conditons....mainly after a few hrs sittin after a drive and the engine is hot.

it usually starts 10 mins after the 1st try if left alone.....cup o tea anybody...:p

anyway, we replaced all sensords, then the whole ECU checked everything, then changed the engine bay loom and this sorted it........

although there was nothing outwardly wrong with it.