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172 Engine into 1.216v Clio

Has anyone done this?

I really want to do this...

Not fussed about cost

If I fit the wider front wings and bumper e.t.c

can i have the engine dumped in? or are the Engine mounts different?

I can get a 172 donor car so wil only have to pay for fitting

Thanks for your help!

I used to think I could stick a 16v engine in my old 1.2 Clio. Just have a careful look at the complexity of it all - diffs, gbox, brakes, suspension, electrics, cooling, starting, charging etc.

If youre going to get a mechanically perfect 172 for silly money and youre going to swap every last part, then fair enough. But it isnt as simple as dropping another lump in.

Id say £5k minimum, plus cost of your car.


If cost is not an issue get in touch with Nick at Hillpower, Your the sort of customer he likes!!!