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172 Oil Filler

This is a very basic question.

Thought Id better familiarise myself with the underbonnet layout of my 172 (far better than the Braille-at-2am method).

Is it me, or is the oil filler under the plastic shroud thingy?

If so, to avoid the Halfords Shuffle, what size Torx socket do I need?


Hi Petes..

look to the left side of the plastic cover.. there is a flap located there.. it is tight to remove.. but it clips off.

(Watch for skinning your knuckles though !)

the oil filler is under there.

As for the torx.. look in the spare wheel bay, there is a screwdriver handle (grey) and 2 double ended bits.. one of them is the correct size torx for the whole plastic cover.


Doh! Why didnt I look in the toolkit? Bit hard of thinking today.

I gave the flap a bit of a tug and nothing happened (matron!). Ill go and try a bit harder.

Ta for your help.


it is tight Pete my knuckles still bear the scars !.. but it does come off... if you are doing it at home, take the full cover off (4 torx) and take a look, its quite sexy under there

the screwdriver handle in the spare wheel toolkit is not easy to find.. it is pushed vertically into a hole.. look for a round grey thing about 3/4 inch across... it pulls out.. it took me a month to find it too -you will see the bits for the handle in the yellow flip up tray.

have fun dood..

I cn feel a turbo conversion coming on when you find yer way around the underbonnet labyrinth .. hee hee