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172cup or 182cup for track work.

As per the title what do you reacon? I'll be doing alot of track work in it
and also about 5000Mls a year as a daily car. At first I wanted the 182cup
due the the extra power, but seing as the 172cup is lighter by 71Kgs(EVO figs)
and the price difference is also a factor. I could get a 172cup for £5500+
or a 182cup for £8500+, so if I got a 172cup the money I save I could
spend on Trophy dampers. I'll be stripping it bare (heater,passengers
seat etc) and putting a full mani-tailpipe exhaust system on with
inlet,remap, induction,cut slicks brakes etc.

What do you reacon?

Hi Fred, how much does a Mk1 weigh also any difference in handling once
the dampers are uprated, what dampers would you suggest for heavy track useage?

  Lionel Richie
Bilsteins for track

H&R for road/track

mk1's i'm not sure how heavy they are, but they're so cheap now, worth looking at!