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182 aftermarket exhausts?

  Italian 3.2 V6
just want something cleared up if anyone can help.

Without a decat do they actually give any performance gains or are they all just noise?

example : if a decat was fitted to a standard 182 system, would that give better gains over fitting just a miltek system (no decat)?

and lastly.. fitting both, an aftermarket exhaust system with decat to suit, what sort of gains are given if any?

only asking i fancy getting a decat for my standard 182 system (hopeing it would free a few horses) and dont really want the boomy exhaust, im happy with the V6 box making all the noise tbh.

Thanks, Piers.


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
I've always been of the impression, unless you spend loads of money on a 1*2, a exhaust/filter/remap etc makes naff all difference really.

People buy aftermarket exhausts cos the standards ones fall off in no time and costs £700+


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
You won't get noticeable power from an exhaust. But the decreased weight will help the power to weight. Not that you'd notice.
  Italian 3.2 V6
think id rather just put the money to some 2nd hand H&R coilovers and some willwood 4pots if thats the case then :D

btw, waza, lol when u doing your next track day?
  Sprint 172
From memory, the BTB 182 system started to gain both power and torque from 4000 rpm onwards. Resulting in a gain of 6bhp at 5000rpm (Can't remember the torque). Peak power was up 2bhp and 3lb/ft torque at 200 rpm higher. Figures obtained from same rolling road by Shed Motorsport who initially commissioned the system.

mr bognor

ClioSport Club Member
  Fiesta ST Stage 3
On a turbo engine will make a little more power as you don’t need as much back pressure but on a 2.0 N/A will make little difference 1-3 hp max