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182 alloys HELP!

  1.2 Clio II
I recently bought and installed some second hand 182 alloys for my mk 2 1.2 after being told they would fit fine. I took it for a test drive immediately after fitting and noticed a humming noise and vibration which seems to worsen at low speeds. It felt and sounded like a flat tyre, I checked pressures and one was deflated quite a lot (PHEW). I thought this was what was causing the noise unfortunately it wasn't :(

one of my mates says its because they need balancing and another said one of the wheels may be buckled (I'm praying that its not!!). I don't think that the tyres are rubbing on anything however it is plausible.

please help with ideas as I'm gutted :(
  Clio 172
did you put them on the right sides and the fronts on the front a rears on the rear?! ;)

Jokes aside, get your car tracked and balanced and see if that helps. Its one of the best maintenance things you ca do for your car and should cost less than £30! I had my last car tracked for £17.50 and they balanced my wheels for free. This was at Britannia Tyres in Coventry when I lived there.

hunter laser alignment will be more like 40/50 quid.

but with the more basic equipment be more like 25 quid. all 4 wheels re balanced probably be 20 quid if your lucky, try that first.
  1.2 Clio II
Cheers guys, they're different tyres but have the same tread pattern and we put them on by hand so might not be perfect. Hopefully going to get them balanced and tracked at the weekend so fingers crossed and will let you know how I get on :)
  1.2 Clio II
Got my wheels balanced today for £10! :) so much better than it was however there is still some noise, due to flat patches on my alloys. Thanks for your help.


ClioSport Club Member
Watch out for adverse tyre wear with buckles and flat sport. I had a tyre go bald in 1 place with the rest of the tyre on 3/4mm