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182 Brakes Not Consistent

  Clio 182 FF
I have a problem with the brakes on my 90000mile 2004 182. I shall explain as best I can. When driving the car normally and braking normally the brakes feel ok, however, if i brake very hard for the first time after a lot of steady braking the brakes don't stop the car as well as i think they should. The pedal feels like it hits a stop somewhere around 2 thirds of the way down it's travel, this "stop" can be felt when the engine is running and the car is not moving when the brake pedal is pressed hard. Usually after braking very hard once or twice the brakes feel as I think they should, they can nearly put you through the windscreen.
When i bought the car last year the insides of the front brake discs were very rusty, i replaced the discs and pads. And the replacements have not rusted up on the inside. However, when braking now (after doing 17000miles on them) they do feel very slightly warped. At hre end of last year I took the car to my local garage and explained the problem. They test drove it and did not notice the problem, but it would probably have only happened on the first instance of hard braking. They suggested changing the brake fluid as I had no record of when it was last done, the garage did this and checked the callipers all moved freely, they reported that they were ok.
The problem is still there. It feels like something is sticking somewhere, I feel that it may be the front callipers. But could it be something in the servo or abs block? I don't want to to start spending money in the wrong places.
Has anyone had a similar problem? Or any ideas what could be the problem.