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  1. B

    Clio 182 Upgrades

    CLIO 182 So i'm new to this whole forum thing. I'm getting a Clio 182. I want to make some upgrades, I'm not too fussed about power I want to play to its strengths. Anyone have any suggestions for anything? Tires and wheels. Performance parts, places to look etc I want to put a Clio 200...
  2. 1

    What’s people’s preferences on aftermarket exhaust vs standard?

    Looking to get an aftermarket kit like a 192 scorpion or something els like it (not to loud) however apart from a rattle that I think is just the shield there’s nothing wrong with the standard exhaust. Is it worth changing?
  3. D

    Clio 182 exhaust

    I have a standard 2005 RB182. Once o have freshened up the suspension and brakes etc I am wanting to put a cat back on. I want something that isn't screaming in my ear all the time but still gives pop and a bang now and again. Any recommendations?
  4. D

    Steering wheel

    I'm sure there will have been posts about this already but... what do you recommend to do with the steering wheel? Replace it with OMP or similar ( smaller wheel ) or get the standard wheel done in alcantara? If anyone has replaced the wheel, what have you don't with the steering controls...
  5. GrahamV182

    M100CUP - RB 182 Sprint and Hillclimb Car

    Chapter 1 – How on earth did I get to own a Clio? 2016 will be etched in my memory for 3 main reasons - Brexit referendum; Trump being elected as the leader of the free world; After 50 years of motoring I bought my first French car – a Racing Blue (RB) 182 for Hillclimbing and Sprinting...
  6. Kingadamwest

    182 MAP sensor just amazing!!!!!

    So after having serious problems with a miss fire under load and lots of flat spots and spending lots of money on new timing belts aux map sensor lambda sensor etc etc and it still not running right, i decided to start unplugging all these new sensors because why not!!!....what harm could it do...
  7. K

    Engine noise NOT Dephaser

    Alright, I need some help people! Searched al over and can see one thread that is anythin like this, but can't find the answer! I have a 2005 182 ff and had the dephaser and all belts, pulleys etc changed last sept, the car now has 93000 on the clock and has developed at tapping noise! When the...
  8. S

    Clio 182 newbie in Newcastle

    Hey! Just bought my first 182 at the weekend and loving it so far! See quite a few around the north east so will be good to catch up with people around the local area on here! This will be a track/weekend car for me, so i'm going to have a look through a few threads for some tips on how to get...
  9. G

    Front Hubcentric Spacers

    I have a FF Clio 182, on cup offset turinis and eibach Sportlines. I want to space out the front wheels, what size hub centric spacers are you guys running with a similar set up? Also a pic to see how it sits, pro/cons e.g. Rubbing on front etc
  10. Mash.

    Track phase 182

    hellloow.. So recent events have forced me to part with my 182 (which can be seen below) lots of money has been poured into it as you can all understand, and is currently up for sale. It recently underwent a bit of surgery due to a crunching 3rd gear and a dodgy starter motor, so I decided...