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182 exhaust manifold to fit 172

  M3 clio 172 205 GTI6
As title, fitting a 182 exhaust manifold to my 172. What I need to know is what do I need to fit between the manifold and rest of the exhaust system. I'm looking to fit a ktec stealth system at some point and may be open to a decat suggestions. Just curious to see what other people have fitted. Thanks in advance
  A special one.
Yeah I have the ktec de-cat pipe.
You could buy a sport's cat but they are expensive.
  M3 clio 172 205 GTI6
Ah, you managed to get the 172 cat to fit? Is that without any mods/cutting? That'll help with the mot! Ok, so ktec link pipe is the way forward. Cool, thanks
  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
Needs cutting and welding to make it fit, handy to have come mot time.

I used a k-tec decat pipe as a template, then cut the old cat up and re-welded it to fit.

now I can switch from cat to decat / decat to cat quick and easy!
  106GTI / NovaC20LET
It's worth bearing in mind that in less you modify the cat, fit a sports cat or have a friendly mot guy you will have a absolute mother ****er of a job once a year. Swapping between mani's and fitting and removing 172 cat ain't fun lol.
  MG ZR x2, Polo, CTR
manifold was a 3 hour job on the driveway.
at least with the 182 manifold, cat swaps are quick and easy.
  106GTI / NovaC20LET
Cat change on a 172 mani is horrible. If he doesn't get a cat to fit the 182 manifold he will need to change the mani to be able to have a cat in place come mot time.