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182 exhaust surround and exhaust size?

  gen 7 celica
Hi folks. Just bought a 172 bumper for my clio and i'm going to take the opportunity to change my exhaust as it has caused me nothing but hassle. i've decided i want a slash cut single exit cut into the bumper with a 182 surround. i was just wondering where the best place to get the surround is and at what price and what size exit will fit nicely into the surround without any melting plastic. Some pictures would be amazing if anyone has any. cheers in advance
only place to get the surround from is renault - £18
any custom exhaust place can fit it or as above try prospeed for a decent one
  E87 118i
I juts ordered the surround from KTec, they're doing me a favour as I can't get one from Renaut South Africa....
  tiTTy & SV650
aye get the surround from your local renault garage and take it to a local custom zorst centre to be done.

Motorsport World in Strathaven (Lanarkshire) are popular on here. CnC in Hillington (Glasgow) get good press too.

The Big Yin may be able to recommend places in Fife for you.

pretty handy having peoples locations in the avatar now!
  gen 7 celica
cheers for all your advice. gonna pick up a surround up from renault. have sent the big yin a message so hopefully he has some good advice for me. cheers