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182 Insurance

  Renaultsport Clio 182

ok guys it rolled round to that time of the year again when I have to insure the car......

Whose paying what, who with and whats the conditions of the quote? ie road/garage.

I need a good deal, Id like to be saving a few quid a month while being able to add my girlfriend to the insurance.

Anyone know the company that does Cliosport membership discount?????? I remember seeing it on hear but cant find it.
  Octavia VRS

Elephant gave me a quote of £750 for me with the girlfriend as named driver on a 182, parked in a private residential car park. Also this would have been the first insurance policy in my name so I thoguht it was quite good.

Ended up keeping my 1.4 and getting it insured for £380 for the same conditions mentioned above.

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lloyds tsb quoted me £750 car on drive 24 years old 4 years ncb but with a claim last year (i went into a beemer....oops)

£550 with Direct Line, usual covers and courtesy car stuff plus protected NCB

Sole driver parked on a driveway

Full no claims bonus