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182 non renault pads query

  Subaru STiV
I fitted some new pads at the w/end, but i noticed that some of the pad material actually sticks up beyond the disc face, so not all of the pad will make contact with the disc, is this normal??

  Subaru STiV
umm...dont like the sound of that, they are in as far as the 2 lips on the backing of the pad but on the outer edge of the pad they stick out 2-3 mm above the edge of the disc
  Subaru STiV
They are plain old motaquip ones, theres something not right because ive just done around 50 miles with them and they are binding on, also the bottom 10mm of the disc face nearest to the centre is untouched :dapprove:

Is it possible to overtightened the 2 bolts that hold the caliper on and its restricting movement ??
  Burgandy 174 sport t
did u have to chap them on? clean the sliders/slots for the pads and if they are tight take out the shims