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182 rear speaker vibrations

If the grills themselves are rattling, I was reccomended some sealant round them to stop it, this will be difficult to get off though. Or soundproof the panels if they are resonating...

This is what Im going to do to my 1.4 2004 Clio once I get everything together...
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Quote: Originally posted by steamywindows on 21 March 2005

new speakers or put most of the sound to your front ones
read a thread a while back when someone upgraded their rear speakers in their 182.

they said they have even more rattles and vibrations !!

do you think some of the sound proofing stuff like dynamat will help behind the panels?

Definatly will help if the whole panel is resonating, if its just the speaker grill, some sealant or draft excluder would help..
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might give it a whirl this wkend and dynamat the back of the panels. wouldnt want it much louder than it is, just want it so the background rattles have gone!

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I find without them it makes no difference to the actual sound quality as the front components with a decent head unit arent too bad. Saying that you can barely hear yourself think in my car. lol.

Removal of interior trim is easy - but you break a clip - your responsibility. LOL. Ive done it before so i have some experience in doing it, but if in any doubt, get someone who knows what they are doing.