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200bhp+ conversion 4 172

Just wondering if any of you headr of lad motorsport who are offering 200bhp+ 4 £1200 ,, i was reading it in auto car they have 1 done on a cup a say it is unreal ,, say its the best thing they tuned for 26yrs,, just wondering what they are like cos am going 2 get it done ???

from what i remember of LADs work on various Saxos id suggest you steer clear, if you can put up with poor workmanship and frequent repairs go for it, personally after seeing examples of their work id say avoid them

but at the end of the day, its up to you
  320d M Sport

ive heard dodgy things about LADs VTS 160 Conversion that wasnt... ie more like 135! Really, that bad...... wouldnt put my money there, i dont trust their rollers either

even the LAD VTR120 conversion was well down on what they expected, they even had to give compensation to some customers if memory serves me right

I was chatting to Dave Andrews the other day - he is a k-series specialist mainly - he gave up his full time job to do his hobby of porting heads and engine building - He saw my 172 and was mentioning that hed done some work on quite a few of them - said easily to get over 200bhp.

His website is if anyones interested. Very knowledgable and always happy to give advice. He is also v busy - which shows he cant be all that bad :)