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2012 rs200 wishbone issues

  clio rs200
hi all. i replaced wishbones both sides six weeks ago. took car for the mot the other day day and it failed on play in passenger side wishbone bush (the front one). replaced wishbone and play still there. on further inspection no matter how tight i tighten the bolt on the bush, the metal sleeve inside the bush is still loose. anybody any suggestions. i have posted a picture of the offending bush mount.


  • image2.jpeg
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ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Looks like what Brigsy has said, the hole has worn into an oval.

Usually typical with polybushes and heavy track use though.
  clio rs200
Looks like the hole has worn oval from loose bolt in the past ? New subframe time or repair yours i guess? Pure motorsport do a repair kit for the 172, something like this could be used maybe if your handy with the welder
Ordered them washers the other day. Should be arriving today. There was no wear on the bolt to elongate that hole. I have seen some pictures of brand new subframes and the same hole is elongated on that one. Can anyone confirm that their subframe doesn’t have elongated holes. Cheers