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500mb fair usage

Nah just browsing the web. Will sending pics in emails effect it? Ill do all downloading when on wifi

Question I was looking at ansking too as was looking at Voda contracts and they have this limit!
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If your surfing the web on your phone, you are downloading.

Since I've had my iPhone 3G, March. I have received 605mb
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Get a download monitor just to keep track but it should be more than enough. I use it a fair bit for streaming radio, youtube and internet browsing and i've not hit 500mb a month yet. Downloading podcasts etc uses more but just do that over wifi and store them for later.
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Does take a while to get upto those usage rates even with heavy usage though on the 3 network they support full media streaming which, if you also use i-player for example on an Android phone, you can start to hammer things.

Their fair usage policy is 1GB though ;-)


realnumber 1

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I got through a good gig and half downloading apps and heavy browsing. I would put it on WiFi at home but its not half as fast as my 3g connection. Imho I think 500mb is a bit tight which is one reason I stuck with t-mobile again.
ive recieved 1.3gb so far lol
might be due to watching these world cup games on my iphone LOL

no matter, I have my trusty laptop if all fails