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ABS Kicking in at low speeds related to rear brakes?

Hi guys. Had a problem with my clio for about a week now the abs has been kicking in at low speeds (abs light doesnt come on though) this caused me to bounce over a kerb yesterday so Iv taken my car into a garage. Theyv suggested that the rear brakes are to blame as they are knackered (theyr badly corroded and worn out) could this be the cause?
They wont be able to look at it until monday so im just looking for ideas of whats wrong at the minute.


ClioSport Club Member
so when you press the pedal it gives you the usual ABS kick feeling/noise but as if you are on ice?

it will be a cracked ABS ring, worn brakes wouldn't cause ths
  AAS'D RB 182
Abs ring i have same problem. Its a front one for me. Anyone any ideas if there hard to replace


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I'll support the ABS ring theory. It could be other things as well like the abs pump which has gone on one of ours this weekend causing a similar problem.

ABS rings are easy to change. Doing all 4 of mine this morning so will try and take a few photos and report back.


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bboy cb10

Right, here are the photos.

Rears are easy, slacken hub nut (30mm), wheel off, pad carrier off, disc off, get a screw driver behind the ring gradually working it off.

Fronts are also nice and easy

Slacken hub nut (30mm), take off wheel, loosen caliper hub bolts, tre, lower ball joint (2 that bolt to wishbone), disconnect abs sensor and loosen strut bolts. Once it's all loose take the track rod out of the hub, remove the caliper from the hub, put a rag inbetween the driveshaft and wishbone to prevent damage to the CV boot. Take out 1 of the strut bolts, take nuts off bottom of ball joint. It should then be free apart from the strut bolt which you can now remove.

You can do this job in situe, get a hack saw, cut the ABS ring off, not all the way, quite deep into it, then use a screw driver to split it. Clean up the area where it was. Start to put the new one on, working your way around until it's in the same position the old one way.

Put the car back together.

I did all 4 of my ABS rings in just under 2 hours. Rear took 40 minutes. Front just over an hour.


Hope that helps.
  AAS'D RB 182
Smashing that pal will defo help when i come to do it. Just need to source 2 front ones now. Non cup packed for a 182. Any idea best place? At good price