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Accident damge, bo$&*cks

The nightmare morning OF nightmare mornings.

Pranged my two month old 172 this morning, drove into the back corner of a Fiat Punto whose lady driver slammed them on at an orange light.

My fault completely. However, as I know the women in question she is happy for me to sought out the repairs without the insurance companies getting involved. Ive already got a source for a new bumper for her, already sprayed.

Can anyone please inform me of a source for a new front offside headlight unit and MORE importantly a new front offside wing. My bumper is only scratched through to the primer, but the plastic wing has been split.

Extremely grateful for any advice.

Sorry to hear about your accident. I believe that someone else was looking for a headlamp and from Renault they are around £130+ or something like that, could be a costly repair.

133+vat for the front lamp cover (just the cover)

59+vat for the wing.

I would be cautious of the fact that the impact - if it split the wing, could have caused other damage. This should be visible, if present, with the wing removed.

  Clio V6 255

:mad: people who slam on their brakes when the lights go to amber REALLY P!SS ME OFF. Its as if they think its breaking the law, and going through will result in their car being smashed in the side. Idiots.

Thank you all for the messages.

Slarty, I hope everything else is OK. The headlight has only got three pretty bad scrathes in the corner so it is OK for the meantime. Ill be pulling the wing off tonight to check for any other damage.

I take it the wing is unsprayed. Ill be needing my bumper resprayed anyway, so thats not an inconvenience.

P.S. Never let anyone tell you that french cars are fragile. It was only a low speed inpact but whereas my car has only a few scratches and a split wing, the Fiats rear bumper was completely demolished.

Hi M8.

I think the wing would be painted on arrival.. but not 100% sure.

If everything looks fine with the wing off.. no ripples or creases etc.. then no probs.

Best o luck with it.