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Advice - Flashed by GATSO, not speeding!

Coming back from town last night with my wife down the usual road to our house.

Its a 30 limit and I know where the camera is so I always drop below 30 to be safe.

Cant have been doing more than 25 but I got flashed (twice).

It was right at the last of the white lines on the road and I was like WTF? My wife couldnt belive it either.

Is there a chance the camera was wrong? I honestly was not speeding, but I am just worried how I will prove it?

Thanks for any help.

Dont know about prooving it mate, but I saw the same thing yesterday evening. The mobile speed thing was parked on the road, and people had to stop and then go round it, but one was flashed, very weird as the guy was definately not doing 30mph by that time!
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Was there another car going the opposite way that could have mage it go off?

I wouldnt be too worried if you were definitely below the 30 limit
  Ziel Nurburgring

As above, if there was a car going the other way it might have set it off. Or it could just have been boreed and decided to have a laugh with you.

Quote: Originally posted by blink172 on 06 April 2005

As above, if there was a car going the other way it might have set it off. Or it could just have been boreed and decided to have a laugh with you.
Thats probably whats happened.

the pics will prove u werent speeding

if u do get anything in the post then just ask for the photo evidence, it wil prove ur innocent mate

nothings perfect mate, just an error, dont worry about it

What size alloys do you have?

Doubt very much that your speedo will under read at the sort of speed but you never know.

There was a car coming the other way actually. I didnt think that could have an effect so didnt mention it. (We were the only 2 cars on the road)

Alloys are standard but speedo needle is a bit wobbly to say the least so thats why I always go slow to be safe.

Thanks for the advice, feeling better now :)


  911 GTS Cab

could be a faker, some cameras are only fitted with a flash and go off at random intervals to scare people into thinking they are real, is a cheaper alternative so it might just be that you were just at the right place by accident, I have seen this happen many a time.

If you know you werent speeding, dont worry.

Dont worry you can prove your case from the two photos. the two flashes are a timed interval apart and they then see how far you travelled along the marked white lines. They use this as a back up to the sensor of the camera. So i would not worry at all. If you do get a ticket ask for the two photos and work it out yourself to check.