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172 Cup Hillclimb / Sprint Car

Excellent well done. Yeah do actually get a workout and sweat on in chair 🤣. I got fed up of being crashed into and getting 3 second penalty when done nothing wrong, then get angry and seek revenge! In one race my SR went down from 99 to 18 not my finest moment.


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  Clio 172 phase 1
Its all good fun ..I used to get annoyed at it , but I just laugh now and see if I can catch the pack point getting wound up can race again within ten mins ...I've considered iracing, but I prefer the daily races tbh and acc offline .

Rob Thomson

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  Clio 172 Cup
Funny you should post this, I've just been filling in the entry form for this year's Curborough championship.

I'll be juggling Curborough and the HSA Championship. They fit together quite nicely, but I'll miss the first round at Curborough because I'll be at Harewood instead (hopefully).
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I'm doing nothing until the COVID situation begins to die down, as I don't trust Boris not to cancel everything at a minutes notice. As we're nearly all in tier 4 I doubt I'll be renewing or enrolling in anything any time soon lol.


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  Clio 172 phase 1
I was thinking the same , although I have registered for Curborough in the mg..don't know if I will do anything yet in the clio ..who would've thought last March we would still be like this in Jan ..
I'm betting on full lockdown any minute now until start of motorsport season Boris must be a fan he likes rapid changes of direction.
I've had my club and MSA licence renewal come through but am holding off for a while to see what happens but hope to do a few events at least during the year. I'm still very much a novice so don't mind if it is a bit sporadic as I'm not going to feature in a championship of any kind anytime soon.

Final check over by Mick and we're all good for first race a week tomorrow. Renault sent the wrong ARB bushes so couldn't fit those today but was good to have it given once over by an expert after all bits I've fitted. A couple of small niggles to monitor, heat shield had dropped and worn PAS pipe, gear selector weap, and Bush on gear linkage worn but otherwise she's good to go! Can't wait!!!
Spectators allowed yet?
I think for this first race its closed to spectators but other people can attend as "crew" even if dont live at same address, you'd have to be booked in via signing on forms. If guess as its outdoors after this first race spectators should be allowed again. If not, and you want to come I'll put you down to spanner for me pal / (fetch coffees and butties 😂)




And we're back racing, woo hoo! Sunday 11th was the first championship race of the season at Curborough, travelled down in bright sunshine but in the last half a mile it started snowing 🌨

Was great to catch up with some old and new faces. I felt a bit out of practice, wasn't aggressive enough but ended up with half a second improvement on 2019 PB with a 39.99 single lap. That was enough for 5th out of 12 in our class, and 0.7 off 3rd place, top 3 finishes are my aim this year. SC and SA having big entry lists again this year!

Well done Rob on the win. Your pace encourages me (rather than disheartens me 🤣) as know I've got the right car now and I just need to work on myself to find the time. Off to look at your videos now ... next race in 2 weeks is a Fo8. Credit to Neil for the photos.

Rob Thomson

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  Clio 172 Cup
Well done James, you're getting faster and faster every time. :)

The car thing's interesting. It seems to be accepted that 200's are faster at Curborough, but 172 Cups are obviously pretty handy. Have a look at the data on - you were the fastest through the finish line speed trap, I was second fastest. My 64ft time was quickest FWD, you were third behind a 182. The 200s are at the bottom of the list and lose at least a tenth to me off the line. You'd expect they'd be better on the brakes and quicker through the corners - especially on PS4s vs. our old PS3s, but how much difference is anyone's guess. Overall they're obviously pretty close.

Can't wait to do Figure of 8 in a couple of weeks - much more interesting than single lap. See you there. :)
Cheers. Feel like I've got exit to final straight sorted now which shows in speed over the line, just need to improve everything else. Starts look like couple of tenths to find too.
After missing the last race in isolation today was back at Curborough for the British Motorsport Marshals Club sprint.

I spent a couple of hours last night cleaning the car, shouldn't have bothered was tipping it down as I set off this morning and continued pretty much all day.

In first practice felt good and to my supruse was fastest in class and very happy. The day was running very slowly, more cars than usual entered plus the weather and by midday they'd only just finished first practice. So no lunch and straight into first timed runs with an announcement that we'd only get 2 timed runs too.

The track was starting to dry a little I went for it, too much out of Woodside and the back end came round before doing a full 180 and reverse towards Molehill. All thankfully on the tarmac still but at a decent speed.

Frustrated by that decided to go for it again in final run but as we lined up rain came down heavier again and best I could manage was matching my best finish 4th (again!!!) with a 78.48 vs winner 75.48 from the first timed run. In the dry my best here is in the 69s.

It was at this point of the slide I knew it wasn't coming back when I'm looking out the side window where I'm going... 🤣

I WILL get a podium this year.
Screenshot_20210508-170556_RaceChrono Pro.jpg

Screenshot_20210508-170305_RaceChrono Pro.jpg

Screenshot_20210508-170826_RaceChrono Pro.jpg


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 phase 1
No problem, same here , was a rotten day ..yes I'm signed up for the next one ..the class is mega fast so I need to get to grips with the ZR much practice as I can ..I watched your spin ..seemed to happen in slow motion..
Another race today and after this weeks weather was really looking forward to a hot dry day, unfortunately it rained all morning.

The rain lifted but mixed conditions meant many offs, red flags and stoppages. After lunch the sun had been out so I got a first dry time in and then plan was give it everything in the last timed run but it wasn't to be. No second timed run.

Unfortunately someone in an Elise launched it into the air and after a hard landing was very cautiously taken out of the car with back pain and off to hospital. After a long delay the organising club called it force majeure and said one timed run only.

The Elise had no front end left and one side all twisted/door wouldn't close. Hopefully the driver is ok after checkup.
Last race of the season for me at Curborough today was an eventful day, Fo8 course again.

First practice it was pouring down and slid around everywhere but to my surprise was fastest in class.

A fellow SC competitor had an issue with a misfire and in first run his dogbone mount pinged off, so offered him a lift to Eurocarparts for new plugs and coilpack, Screwfix for a random replacement M12 bolt and nut as the marshall decided to kick the original into the undergrowth 🙄. I was on fuel light as we set off and on the way back on A38 my car ran out of petrol 🙃 luckily a few hundred yards from the Shell garage so managed to coast in fill up, close one!

On return sent straight into second practice on a dry track 3rd fastest.

In the afternoon first timed run again in 3rd place, in final timed run new pb 71.53 feeling good possible 2nd place or finally on podium. Only to be pipped by two others (including mate in his now fixed car) and I dropped to 4th place.... again ffs 😂 0.27 off 3rd, 0.48 off 2nd

So that's it at Curborough for me for this year, Harewood Academy in September, Javelin Sprint at Cadwell Park in October them decide what to do next year.

Also to say a thank you as well to Rob for all the advice after the last race, knocked a second of my pb and know where more time is to come again off that too.
So today did final race of season, Cadwell Park Javelin Sprint Series race. In class J10 which allows lots of mods as long at under 210bhp.


It started well nice and hot sun out. My fastest last year was 1:54.3 so pleased today to have got a PB of 1:47.3 (5 runs all were on what I think was limit of grip and all were within 0.5 of each other so I'm getting more consistent) unfortunately due to class structures I still only finished up 5th so still no elusive podium yet. Class winner was a heavily modified lovely GT86 but pretty sure his AP 6pots alone cost more than my car 😄.

So after much deliberation I think my lovely Clio will go up for sale in the coming weeks and I'm going to scratch the itch for a more race car that occasionally goes in road than the other way around. I've got my eye on ex championship winning car (with a touch of sentimentality for me) which should only cost slightly more than what insurance value my Clio at now.

Whatever I end up in will keep this thread going 🤙unfortunately it won't be this epic Atom with massive Avon slicks but the owner was sound and pretty much has my dream car collection in real life. Note to self... start own business and get rich


Also forgot to post about Harewood Academy, absolutely brilliant day being taught by Sarah Bosworth multiple championship winner, massive difference in pace from early to final runs. A great place to race (epic scenery) and serious considering championships or Midland so can go there, to Curborough and other hills/sprints.

Also on second run felt great but safety car came out in front of me at final corner so I had to lift and coast over line. That time put me in 2nd but I was so annoyed and feeling confident I got a rerun replacing that time and did worse FFS. Ah well another lesson learned should have banked that time as track seemed to slow slightly for many after that.
A bit of winter TLC needed as the Cup started sounding like a Scooby. A quick scan confirmed it was injector 3 dead so bought 2 more injectors from RPD and fitted new... 3 and 4 as had 1 go then 2 previously. I was told by garage that did 1 and 2 they aren't linked, if one goes doesn't impact other but clear now 100k is end of life for originals. Also fault code for brake pedal switch so changed that for a full clean bill of health.

Only minor 'features' remaining are selector seal weap and oil pressure switch weap so that can be a summer job as can't feel my fingers after doing the above this evening in the dark.
As next year will hopefully be changing to something more race car, less road car. This artwork from 21ten is something I can have on my wall as a memory of my first race car and tracks its been on. Checkout 21ten on Facebook otherwise known as @Nafoff on here for any design work. Great service and communication.


I'll have had my 172 Cup three years in the New Year which is a new record for me. Enjoyed every minute.


ClioSport Club Member
As next year will hopefully be changing to something more race car, less road car. This artwork from 21ten is something I can have on my wall as a memory of my first race car and tracks its been on. Checkout 21ten on Facebook otherwise known as @Nafoff on here for any design work. Great service and communication.

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I'll have had my 172 Cup three years in the New Year which is a new record for me. Enjoyed every minute.

Glad yo are happy with the print James.
Not sure why but that visual appears a bit cloudy...