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air filter

  mk2 172

i noticed this week my car has had the same filter for 20k at least, would this hinder performance? worst thing is that apparently i need to remove the battery to get into my airbox cos of the screws and my cat 1 goes off cos i have no buzzer shut off key. so i have booked in for a new alarm which is just under 300 quid...ouch. main question tho, would a clogged up sh*tty filter slow me down??


  Skoda Fabia vRS

yes, seein as your supposed to change em every 6k, id be interested in seein what one thats gone 20k looks like !
  BMW 320d Sport

Mate you can do it without taking the battery off. As long as you dont mind skinning your knuckles!

It is a hassle but it can be done, Ive got it down to a 5 minute job.

Craggy, i took the standard air box off on my clio 2 to put ak&n element filter... its a pain to get the bottom clip undone.. other than that its piss... no battery to take off... just unclip clips.. unscrew the 3 bolts and it comes off.