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air/fuel meter fitting?


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172 rwd
how easy is it to fit a air/fuel meter gauge?
i know you have to fit a sensor on the exhaust manifold
but i also know that there is alredy two on already so where do you fit it?
do you remove one?
mines turbod does that make any difference in flow?:S
i havent a clue please help!
depends what type of meter your fitting and what your planning to do with it.

If our just fitting one so you can see a display then give it power and plug in the lambda. You might have to add a boss, but it doesnt affect flow in any major manner.

If your wanting to use it as a primary source of lambda info for an aftermarket ecu then you will need to install it and build the calibration table to match the outputs from the lambda sensor.


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 172 rwd
its just for display use not linked to ecu !
car is mapped by bbtunning.
fitting airfuel meter
blitz mirror boost gauge
water injection meter gauge
oil temp gauge
shift light gauge mybe
also was thinking nitrous gauge but i think it my be a bit dangerous to have it plumbed through the dash?
or can you gat a remote gauge kit?