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AK03 Clio 172 on M3

  Full Fat 182
Pretty sure you spotted me, I noticed you while in the outside lane and slowed. You came past on the 50mph limit and I tried to give an awkward wave but you had concentration face on!

Anywho, nice looking car. Nice to spot a good example after spending 6 hours getting lost on monotonous motorways. Was meant to be dropping the car off at ktr however ended up near Kent.. Definitely popping in a road map next time!
  Full Fat 182
Was your dashboard in bits?!
It is unfortunately.. popped in some new door speakers and tweeters as the standard ones were naff.. the sound is terrible at the moment though, need to buy a different amp or something. It is getting slightly irritating driving everywhere with no door cards or dash but don't want to pop it all back together until the speakers are sorted.

What colour is yours? Looks awesome. So do you own a 200 and 172?
  Full Fat 182

Clio porn. Rear badge was still sliver... could do with being bronze or black. IMHO. Was that an Ayrton Senna sticker on the boot? Couldn't see a sticker otherwise I would of made more effort to give a honk and wave!