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My baby has given me her christmas list already and all she wants is a pair of clear side repeaters to enhance her sexy curves . I live in South africa and it is impossible to get them here except the really cheap and nasty korean ones that fit any car. I saw these at which are from Elia and look like really good quality so I contacted Elia direct. They want to charge me 32€ for a pair, which I dont mind paying cos I only want the best for my girl, but they will charge anywhere from 29 - 49€ to ship, depending on how long I want to wait. I refuse to pay more for the shipping than the actual item. Does anyone have a suggestion to get my baby what she wants????? Im afraid she might leave me for another man if I dont.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Hi smileysport,

I see youre facing the same predicament as I am...cannot find any decent after market stuff for the Clio.

n Boer maak n plan! Im gonna ask a friend of mine in London to buy me 2 sets (one for me and one for my cousin)and bring it back when she returns to SA early in January. If you want to (and prepared to wait) I can get her to buy 3 sets instead. Lemme know if youre interested. Cheers

BTW - Im in EL, suppose youre JHB?

Its not that I cant find the stuff. Its easy to find on the web but in general you end up paying massive amounts for shipping, even on small items. Then when it arrives here, you go to pick up the parcel and get charged another huge amount in customs duties. I once ordered a CD from the UK and when it arrived they wanted me to pay twice what it cost in customs duties so I told them to send it back and got a refund.
BTW, Im from JHB, where are you from?

Oos-Londen. Ja, Ive also seen plenty of good stuff on the web. Its just getting it here. Every now and again when a friend comes over to SA, I just ask them to sneak an item thru for me. Got a radio and adapter for steering remote coming soon.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Also from JHB.

Yep, i know its easy to find stuff on the web, but locally, Renault is not well supported...I even inquired at SAC ( about getting a suspension upgrade and they tried to send me to some place in boksburg.
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro


Let us know what radio and adapter youre getting cos Ive been thinking about an upgrade in that dept but dont wanna lose the display or the stalk control

Im getting a Kenwood KDC-MV6521. Its a CD/MP3 front loader with variable color illumination (cool). For the steering remote, Im getting CK-R70EU. Its the universal Kenwood adapter. Then you need the wire loom specific to your model car and in my case its CAW-70R. My car doesnt have the heads-up display. There is another wire loom available for Clio with heads-up display (i think CAW-72R??). Unfortunately none of these items are available in SA, so import is the only option. I know Alpine also do an adapter, but Im not sure if avail in SA.

That adapter and wire loom is moer expensive though. Worked out to about R1300!!!!! But Im so used to that little remote now, that I cant be without it. Also, I wouldnt like the idea of having it being there and not working.