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An audience with BenR

Met with the master of all things mechanical this evening to see his new "runaround" tuned 16v. For a car with almost identical mods to mine it sounded very different. You forget just how fast these babies are until you sit in the passenger seat!

He had some interesting things to say about his new Valver verus his 172 (although thats a different topic!), as well as about tuning the Valver in general and throttle bodies.

In order, BenRs blue Phase1, my flatmates red Phase1 and my black Phase2 (and a random VW!):

...and my engine bay...


  Shiny red R32


Could you please take your photographs in the daylight next time, so that we can get a good look at your cars?

Ta! :)
  Megane R26

Do you find that Induction kit helps? I had one for my Mk1 1.4S and it seemed to improve throttle response (also made one hell of a noise for an ickle 1.4!! :D). Bought one for my Valver and it felt much slooower!????

Probably my crap mechanical skills, had hell of a time getting the cold feed pipe positioned correctly (or perhaps I didnt get it right....)

Very nice cars tho, wish I kept mine now.

GR - couldnt help the timing! Its BenRs fault!

The IK is only there because the location of the PBV prevents me using my airbox - for the time being. Im well aware of the disadvantages of an IK on a 16v, but its not much of a problem on a car thats used mainly in the cool coastal air of Wales (dont use it much in Bristol - hence its parked behind the other cars!).

yeah i had a few races with benr last week - nice motor.

Ben H - your engine bay is far too clean!! get some oil splashed in there!!

Wow, my car looks good! :D

GR.....i was aiming for a nice dusk setting in teh golden sun, but got caught in damn traffic for about 10 mins....loosing all time! damn

Gonna give it a go tomoz......

need to get the back to black out! lol

But BenHs Valver is so mint is silly......i didnt really wanna touch it, was super careful when closing the bonnet, didnt move too fast on the leather! lol

That last picture was taken in the pitch black with the "night" function on!

BenRs car came with the ecotek and IK already fitted. He has an excuse for the time being!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Whats that using mate, thats bright for pitch black!

Cars are looking mint, all thats needed on BenRs is a nice phase 2 grill and the bits painted under the headlamps. Then its perfect!

Dunno, just some odd function, but you have to hold it super still...which i cant, hence the blurryness.....ill use my tripod nxt time.

Im gonna keep it phs1, as enough people have swapped teh grilles over. But colour coding the bits under the lights is a must.

But as we all know, Phs1 strips and grilles are lighter! ;)
  clio williams, Ph1 172

You need to buy my colour coded phase 1 grille Ben. Sellin it at the moment, and paint the bits under the headlights, make sa world of difference
  clio williams, Ph1 172

bugger, cant get rid of it hehe. only wanted a tenner or something for it. cost that in paint alone