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An old rover, one DA polisher and no clue.

  Clio 172, Jaguar XJR
Hello All,

Somewhat new to detailing but I have the following.

Meguiars g220 v2

Machine Polishing 7" Polish Pad Yellow Soft Buff DAS6 Pro G220 Flex Dual Action

Machine Polishing 7" Cutting Pad Red Soft Buff DAS6 Pro G220 Flex Dual Action

x3 blue Monza 6" - 150mm Waffle Foam Car Machine Polishing Pads

I had a go on my ford puma using just super resin polish as a "filler" I thought it would soften off some scratches. While it was certainly different I think I have a long way to go.

This brings me onto my recently acquired 800 Vitesse.

The paint has what is either what could be dead lacquer, or been sat under a tree.

Some photos below of my problem.

Any suggestions if a machine polisher can do anything to fix this ?

what products to use and possibly techniques. as frankly I don't have much of a clue.





Any advice from the very basic level of using the machine itself to products and correct pads to use.




ClioSport Moderator
  E55 AMG
@Cub. is right, would love to tackle that, it's a shame you're so far away and I'd probably want to steal it anyway!

That needs a full decontamination in the first instance. After the 2bm was method. De iron and de tar it before claying. That will make a huge difference by the looks of things. Clean and dry again.

Then you can get the machine on it, I've never measured or touched old Rover paint so can't really comment on it.

I'd suggest two stages though as a start. A medium cut followed by a medium polish. I don't use meguires pads or compounds but I'd say niether of your pads will touch it.

I'd suggest going Hex logic as they work great with DA. Specifically orange grey and black ones. As for the cutting compounds I'd suggest Menz. IP2000 and then FF 3000. This is s combo that has worked very well for me in the past. You coulf introduce more stages but for now I'd stick with this.

As for technique, there's a few but to start watch Junkman vids and learn as much as you can.

You'll then want to cleanse and then add your LSP.


ClioSport Admin
To put my two penneth in, have a read of the machine polishing and da polishing stickied threads at the top of the detailing section.

I've not looked at junkmans technique but I get brilliant results from the zenith technique as said in the two guides I mentioned.

If you do use that technique, draw a line on the backing plate of the DA to keep the pad spinning at the same rate through the different speeds.

And definitely definitely decontaminate the car first like Scrooge said