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Anal ford lover summarises Clio owners ....

  Evo 8 MR
Love these threads!

​Just don't get this kind of entertainment on other forums.

Whilst we're comparing Fords to Renaults, where does the Falcon XR8 come in?

No one said anything about limiting the argument to the european market. :rasp:
  Fiesta ST2 MP215
Mine was the 1.4 Fiesta chicane Zetec. Brother seized it first with no oil, after having a puma lump dropped in - most of the dash lights didn't work, I ended up seizing it again in the winter and then 3rd time round the doner head crackedm in half froma previous bodged repair from whoever had the engine before me.
Good money after bad on that car!

Tbf, 2 times on the same car just sounds like you forget to the pump the sump plug back in and just fill with water only.
  MCS R56
Renault make the best F1 cars. Ford don't. Punch your mate in the taint, and all the other fanboys who hate.


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182 sport cup
I love my 182 as a daily and track hack but my mk2 escort pisses on it in every department for fun etc even tho it would struggle on a short track lao time wise.
I own a base spec mk4 Escort and a ph1 172.

Yeah the Escort has had its rust issues lol but on the whole its been a far more reliable car than the 172. :eek:
Far better build quality as well, uses screws not clips on trim which don't break when you remove them unlike the Clio lol Doesn't rattle or squeeze either. Doesn't need stupid minor stuff replacing every 5 seconds like the Clio.

Clio is a fun car, wouldn't part with it, looks good goes well mpg vs performance is outstanding but its cheap. Quality is cheap throughout.
  Turbo 182 Alfa 159
I still find it baffling how people who own a French girl's shopping car try to say other cars are gay.

Ha I said this the other day to someone when they said I was gay for looking at charged cooper S, I said I already drive quite a gay clio and they look baffled.
  182trophy & Williams
"chaviest car ever made"......... erm vauxhall nova, sh!tren saxo oh and FORD FIESTA spring to mind way before a clio does. If i was to vacum pack my s**t and send it to you, could you dump it on his bonnet for me? :p :D :approve: