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Anthracite ph1 172 wheels - Yes or No??

  Car SOLD :-(
Thinking of getting my Phase 1 15" 172 wheels power coated Anthracite - a la Trophy, as I think they look cack standard.

What do you all reckon???

Don't really want to change them
a) Would have to inform my Insurance
b) may take the edge of performance putting on 16"s
c) Don't want to attract thieving towrags!
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ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
I've got a set of these as track wheels for my Trophy, and i'm about to spray them the same colour. As they are track wheels will be a DIY job though, but I reckon they'll look good.

OZ actually sold them in anthracite:

  Car SOLD :-(
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MMMMmmmmm. They look alright!

Know what you mean about them getting dirty fella!
  Car SOLD :-(
I'm liking it DAY!:cool:

Anyone got them on a Silver one?

Take it is a large YES so far!
  182 Trophy & Megabusa
I was planning to do exactly the same to a silver mk1 172 that im buying soon. I think they will look awesome in anthracite!!! The car will probably needs its wheels refurbed anyway, so was thinking i could get them sprayed at the same time.

didn't realise u had to tell insurance tho.
  Car SOLD :-(
christurbo said:
You still have to inform the insurance company though.

Can't see how? Most probably need refurbing by now anyway.
Ssssshhh, I won't tell if you don't!;)

Deb182 - I'm sort of doing a D.I.Y ph1 Cup pack!!! Yours looks cool