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Any excuse for a few V6 pics!!!

  v6 mk2

dont think so, the only thing i would like would be mk2 wheels (18") but they will be like hens teeth i think!

could do what v6ing did and put mk2 rear spoiler and/or lights!!?? I will put a stainless steel zorst on when/if the original goes.

what you guys think??
  E91 M Sport

Sweet car, a nice example! :D

If you went for mk2 wheels (which I have thought about in the past) then itd probably be worth buying some nice lightweight wheels instead....probably be cheaper too. --->

Rear lights are a must, they only cost about £50, and theyre the only major difference between the mk1 and mk2 rear end (I dont count the spoiler ;)).

Other than that, if youre after power, change the exhaust/manifold and slap on a BMC CDA, and perhaps a little SMT7 to hold it all together. Youll be giving those mk2s a hard time :D
  v6 mk2

cheers mike, think i will go for mk2 lights, possibly mk2 spoiler, these can all be put back to standard!!

im defo gonna go for a stainless zorst when its needed, does the bmc induction kit perform well??

those comp look the nuts, might have to consider a set of those!!! 9 x 18 on the rear!! mmmmm.

stu v6 was talking about a re-map up in scotland here at Dastek, they have a rolling road and do piggy back ecus! id have to find out about prices etc

lol at vee6, its my neighbours garden in the pic, was gonna rip the washing down before i took the pics but he wouldnt be 2 happy eh!! if you want a swap then ronin i would let you have mine aswell!! ;) did you have a mk1 before the mk2??


  S5 Sportback

totally awesome.. just been looking through old posts for pics of v6s.. what a treat matey
  Titanium 182

18s from a mk2 and rear lights clear indicators and it will be mint!

looks mint now tho ...!
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

ian it looks as lovely as the day i was parked next to u!!! :D

gorgeous mate! mk2 rear lights and clear indicators with mk2 wheels.... it will be pretty much perfect!
  v6 mk2

i agree lads, im gonna do the rear light and clear indicators, i dont know if the mk2 wheels will come along, dont fancy buying them new, maybe someone out there will bin another v6 and i can buy the wheels!!!!

i know clarkie, never had a chance to take you for a run in it though!!! when are you trading the 172 in for a vee???
  E91 M Sport

Going for the mk2 wheels just doesnt seem to make sense. They look very very very slightly better, but it means buying the wheels, ditching your 17" tyres and buying another whole set of Michelins - not cheap!

I think if I were to change, Id get a nice set of lightweight 18s or 19s (I am assuming that the OZ/Renault OEM wheels arent as light as they could have been).
  v6 mk2

yeah i know what u mean mike, doesnt really make it worth the effort when i would still have the 17s in the garage collecting dust, ive just shelled out for 2 rear michelins aswell!!!!

yeah wrx, 50quid aint bad like, might go for mk2 rear spoiler aswell.

lightweight 19s would be good mike, i remember R-Tecs v6 had 19 inch tsw with the locking centres, looked sweet like!!
  v6 mk2

the mk2 rear spoiler is slightly bigger, more of a raised lip but not too ott.

i dont think the trophy 1 would look right on a standard v6.