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Any love for an old DCi?

  Renault Clio 1.5 DCi
Recently I have been given a Clio 1.5 dci. Its the 65 version, I originally owned a 206 but my mother gave me opportunity to have the Clio whilst she was buying a new golf. I took this opportunity and sold my 206. So I now owned a Renault Clio 1.5 dci 52 plate it sits with 90,000 on the clock, After getting the car I started noticing things to do with the car that was getting annoying. Firstly the drivers side seat had a hole in the edge of the seat due to a sunroof leak that has now been fixed. I started looking at a new interior when I came across the 182 Renault sport interior, It immediately caught my eye and I was quickly scanning eBay etc to find a decent interior. After looking for a while I found a Clio 182 that was being made into a track car the seller was ripping out the seats to replace them with buckets. I was able to talk him down to £100 for the front and back seats, so I sent myself on my way to Nottingham to pick them up!

(will post pics soon)

After fitting the seats into the Clio I was made up with the improvement and thankful it went smoothly. But then I went back to the internet and found myself looking at the 182 door cars as I was a fan of the suede material. I found some them from the same guy I bought the seats from funnily enough! spent £60 and he brought them straight to my door. Now iv'e fitted them in the interior is looking to have more of a lads look to it.

(will post pics soon)

Probably get slated for this next 'modification' but here we go... I bought myself some 40mm lowering springs (the cheapest I could find). I know that this is going to 'kill' the handing or whatever. But I couldn't stop noticing how high the car was sitting, the back especially. So they will be fitted this weekend and I will be happy with the way the car sits and looks (hopefully).

(pics coming as soon as jobs done)

P.S I know its not a fast car and im not trying to make it into a sport so dont slate me :D , thankyou.



ClioSport Moderator
Welcome to the club mate, looking forward to seeing some more photos!

Lowering springs are a good thing by the way, agreed the car is naturally on stilts!