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Anyone know of this car? 93' CLIO 16V Williams engine track car???

  Schma Schme 1.6l

1993 Clio 16v Shell
Avo fully adjustable coilovers (New less than 2000 miles ago)
H&R Camber bolts (Professionally set-up)
Brembo max discs with mintex fast road pads and fully rebuilt calipers all round
OMP Strut Brace
OMP Bucket Seats
Willans harness
Ph1 Renault 19 16v wheels resprayed black
4 x Goodyear Eagle F1, backs have at least 5mm, fronts have about 3-4mm
Various ph2 body parts including rear boot strip, rear wiper, front light browns and grill
Full Respray about 2 years ago
Engine specification (5k since rebuild)
Williams 2ltr F7R
Journal Grind
Bottom end bearings
Complete refurb of head including new stem seals etc
Piper 285 cams
Piper vernier pulleys
New cam belt
Engine balance
Lightened and faced flywheel
Piper valve lifters
Piston rings
Complete head gasket kit
Conversion set (Crank seals)
Upper cam tensioner
Lower cam tensioner
New oil filter
New spark plugs
Distributor and rotor arm set
HT lead set
Head bolt set
Head set (F7P)
Group A clutch
PiperX Carbon Viper with air feed to fog light
New radiator
Williams manifold
Magnex full system with silencers removed
Rebuilt Williams gearbox (less than 2k ago)
New alternator & Starter motor
Always run on Fuchs 15/40
RR'd @ 180bhp ATF

Anyone know this car? any thoughts regarding its value and if its worthy of using as a race car?
  Schma Schme 1.6l
i can't access those pages as i'm not paid up member at the moment.

it is for sale again, not sure why but would like to know if it is of any decent quaility.

i'm interested to buy it and to run it in the castle combe saloons, it won't have a long life span though, just wanna know if the motor and drive train are of decent build quality.
  Schma Schme 1.6l
is the 'base' engine a sound unit? i've no clue about these motors. on evos, 1-3 and 4 are all a bit pants, suffer with crank walk and so on.


ClioSport Club Member
I used to speak to Dan on WC a while back but have to say I think it's quite expensive. I may consider getting a mk1 172 and modding it as you go along. It has been for sale quite some time as he put it up on WC a while ago.