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anyone raced an audi TT 225 or a Calibra V6 !!

Saw a whoppping good race between these 2 and a 172 .... started on the motorway then went onto dual carrigeway they stop at set of traffic lights and then went off again .. didnt see who won .. ...damn. Anyone ever raced one of them ???

is the person who was racing in he 172 in here ?????(last night on the A329m/a329) .. how did u do ??


Having duelled with a 225 TT such that he came along side and cheekily asked how many ponys I had under the hood.....I reckon 172s are not easy meat for them....he was quite tight behind me on a !00 bend but I now realise that it could be taken at !10+ which might have made the difference...

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

The Calibra V6 is slower than the 172 and the TT (the 4x4 turbo was the only really quick one).

The TT coupe is on paper a bit quicker and the convertable a bit slower but doesnt handle all that well + only hairdressers drive them!!!


might have been me. What time was it? and what part of the a329m, and heading which way. I remeber being stuck behind a TT who would get out of my way, not sure if it was yeasterday tho, its friday, give me a break
  clio 20v

mates dad used to have calibra v6 , clio 16v was faster to 60 but in third the calibra pulled away it would do 115 in 3rd anyway and would keep pulling till 140 then creep to 150 it was dead useable power though really torquey
  BMW 320d Sport

Raced a Cavalier V6 - dont know how fast its supposed to be and it wasnt really a proper race. To be honest I dont know who had the edge. Once we got to !35 mph we both bottled it I think.

Interesting question this as Ive just moved on from a 2001 Clio 1.6 16v Rsi to a 2002 TT quattro 225 bhp coupe. I did test drive a new 172 and a 225 TT and chose the TT. Off the mark neither have a particularly good 1st to 2nd gear change, so the 0-60 times are debateable, but on the move and around the twisties with the turbo spinning, theres no comparison....

A 172 (or willy) may well be able to keep up with a 180 TT, as the TT has the extra 4wd mechanics to deal with sapping some power. Respect to the 172s and all sport clios though (I owned 3 plus a pug 205gti) no doubting their abilities! By the way, Im NOT a hairdresser!
  mk2 172

like i said, i wiped the floor with a 180, i had 80kg worth of passenger, and he was trying with no passengers, he stated flashing from behind when i got to about 110 cos hed been convincingly beaten, he was close til i was at the end of 2nd gear
  Astra 1.9cdti XP


Since youve driven a 172 and 225 TT how does the handling compare, Ive the TT aint that good. Ive also seen a vid of a TT racing a CTR round the Nurgurgring and the TT ended up in a wall!!! While the CTR cruised by.

I have never driven one so cant really comment

Both the 172 and the TT have excellent handling - Id say the 172 has a slightly sharper steering turn in response, but the TT just feels so much more planted over fast country roads. Also the ride quality is much better, the 172 was too bouncy for me! TTs v CTRs around the Nurburgring, cant comment, probably no one knows the exact circumstances. As for "TT handling aint that good" - you are probably referring to some of the early scare stories about TTs "letting go" with over enthusiastic drivers trying to take corners at ridiculous speeds (Its capabile of 151 mph). On later cars the rear end suspension was softened and ESP fitted to give a little more warning of impending loss of traction. They also added a boot spoiler, but this was merely a cosmetic addition.

Whenever I go home from Bristol to Wales, I have to go over the Severn Bridge. The toll booths lead to a legendary 1/4 mile/0-100 stretch of road before the lanes merge into motorway. The tactic is just to get the best possible start - and see whats going for it, rather than to wait and see whos off the same time as you (there are ten lanes!!).

To the point anyway...

I was booting it out of the booths and could see a TT and a Volvo S60 (theyre all turbos) both going for it. To their obvious surprise, I caned both of them!! They had both been eyeing each other, but then their eyes turned to me as I whipped past!

I didnt get a good look at either car as it all happened so quickly I guess from the margin that I beat them both that it would have been a 180bhp (single tail pipe) TT, rather than a 225bhp version - and probably a regular 2.0 Turbo S60 rather than the T5.

So the 180bhp TT is easy work for a 172 anyway...I raced a Mk1 172 off the same tolls a few months back and we were totally, totally neck and neck to 100 - where I think we both gave up and went to a normal speed again.

Ben R - yes Id say your comparisons are about right, must try the ten lane start sometime! The other advantage with a TT is ...... no torque steer! gives a much less frantic drive around the bends! Even though I never had a 172, I still say the 1.6 16v Rsi was a great car & package. Now that ive sold mine Im looking for a Clio runabout - for about £2K ?? Did any of the first clios (or 16vs) come with air con??

Clio 16vs rarely (if at all) came with air con. Your best bet would be to try and find a Bacarra spec Clio. Theyre 8v SOHC 1.8s and look like the RSi (i.e. an RT with side skirts) - but they have leather and are autos. Could one or two knocking around out there for sub 2k.

A Bacarra with air con sounds ideal, with auto even better! even abs? dont want much, do I! Ill be looking for those bargains out there.