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Anyone used seat leather for steering wheel referb?

  Clio 182. Black.
Dear all,
Has anyone on here used some leather from an old seat to re trim a steering wheel. I've been talking to Snappy & had a couple of
Swatches sent but the Anthracite isn't quite the right colour. If anyone has used old seat leather id be interested in how it looks. Cheers, Roger.
  Clio 182. Black.
No. The actual leather down the sides. My 182 steering wheel needs a referb & im trying to keep it as original as possible. So was considering buying a second hand seat & seeing if that leather would be useable.
Thanks for replying
  Clio 182. Black.
Yeah. Snappy's work looks superb. Just wanted the best. Ol our match I could get. He sent me a leather swatch in black & the iris blue which almost looks anthracite. What have you gone for? Superb work. It will look great.
  Clio 182. Black.
That looks great. Love the perforated leather on the thumb grips & bottom section. Is that black leather?
  330i. E30 Touring.
I had a Ph1 done by Snappy using new blue leather. Didn't match for me, so sent it back with a square of an old rear seat and he re-did it FOC.

Top man TBH.
  Clio 182. Black.
Hi Budgie. Thanks for your reply. How was the wheel with the seat leather? Have you got any pics? I really wanted as graphite a colour as I can. The black is best from Snappy I think as the blue is too light as you say.
The seat leather will be the best colour but don't know what the finish will be like. Thanks for your help.