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arrrrrrrghhhh!biggest kerb EVER!

  Ex Ph-Quick

gutted mate did mine last night aswell.

Good for me because my girlfriends dad can fix them for free. he he
  Ziel Nurburgring

Bad luck mate. Got a 8" scrape on my spare now after not paying attention and catching a wheel on a angled curb. If it was normal i would have got away with it.....
  Audi RS4

cheers guys,was well gutted at first,gonna get the spare put on today as its still as new.will have to get it re-furbed after easter.Good job their filthy,doesnt show up as bad!
  Audi RS4

Why is it that everything seems to go wrong at the same time?My climate needs re-gassing and now this!grrrrrrrrr.

Deffo need mine doing, why cant ppl number houses easier so you can see from the road? 12ft neon lit signs would make life alot easier :p
  Audi RS4

just glad my spares in top nick,otherwise there would deffo have been tears before bedtime!cost me a tenner to have tyres swapped over today!


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT

bet u can still hear the sound! U try doing 2 rims in 2 days whilst avoiding 2 buses! Bad luk or what!
  Illiad V6 255

Quote: Originally posted by Mike Rochips on 23 March 2005

oooooh mate,feel for ya!Yep I can still hear the noise and that feeling through the steering wheel!:sick:
Which was why I was so gutted about mine yesterday. Crawled out of a tight space (well for a V6) at 1mph ... no noise ... no vibration thru the steering wheel. Thought Id got out fine ... until I noticed otherwise last night :sick:

Fred ... assume its a case of getting the wheel to you ... rather than you to the wheel?
  Audi RS4

think I hit the kerb at about 5-10 mph,it looks a lot worse than it does in the photo,deep gouges on the spokes.