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B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah, its got a fresh MOT.... somehow 😂 They all work sound though, just the warning light flickers. Can't see it in the day in all fairness, only when its dark.
Wait until you see how the exhaust is held on though lmao, the MOT tester I use is pretty relaxed as he knows I look after them and would sort it if told about it, but even he wouldn't of let this exhaust hanger swing.
1st time round I didn't even notice the 'extra hanger' as I just looked straight at the original one. I'm pretty sure this extra one shouldn't be there, shall investigate further tomorrow, with pictures.
May send the place I got it from pictures and receipts, been as its under warranty 😅
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ClioSport Club Member
Slow but steady progress

Track changer on hand controls for stereo wasn't working, after seeing the guide on here I whipped it apart, cleaned the contacts, put it back together and now all is good with that.
Sorted the loose bump strip out, had just come off the clips and not been put back on properly. No longer rattles when I close the door.
Found out my boot is leaking from somewhere, had a pond in my spare wheel well. Read that the grommets behind the lights is often the issue, planned to look into this today but with the exhaust being a pain I didn't get round to it.

Now, the exhaust... :laughing:
Used to rattle over bumps and vibrate (very loudly) at high revs, so got to looking at what was going on. Was all made obvious when I had a proper look.

Some awful bodge job of a bracket, that had since broke and been cable tied. This resulted in the backbox resting on the spring.

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

This has now been removed, but it doesn't stop there. Swapping the mount I thought would be nice and simple, however I was wrong.

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

No worries, I'll cut one off and that should be it, slip the new hanger on and job done.

Hanger for the mid section had snapped clean in half so wasn't doing anything. Didn't have any spare rod or a welder to hand, so the best I could come up with was this;

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Jubilee clips can save nearly anything, I tell you!

New mount on with some minor reinforcements;

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Had 3 pipe inserts but A. 3 wouldn't fit and B. probably better to allow a little movement anyway.

Went to view a 197 for a mate in the middle of doing this (turned out to be a shed) which meant I had to come back and finish it in the rain in the dark :down:

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Apart from a blow at the flange after the cat, the exhaust is now all kinda sorted.
Took it out for a spin and it no longer rattles and doesn't vibrate to high hell up in the revs. I can now enjoy all of the rev range without it sounding like something's about to explode.

Hopefully more updates during the week, although shall be minor ones.
Weather and such short days are slowing progress so much. Been ages since I've had motivation to work on a car, now I have I never get chance to do out :coldsweat:


ClioSport Club Member
No updates as such, apart from to my shopping list
It's getting very expensive very quickly 😂

Originally planned shocks and springs but I don't think I'll be happy with it, so Bilstein B14's it is!
Looking at a PRM front strut brace and a rear ARB
Any bushes that need replacing will go to poly items
Want to refresh all the brakes, uprated pads and discs, braided hoses etc. Will paint everything whilst I'm at it
182 manifold, de-cat and stainless system of some sort. Ideally want to see the tailpipe but I don't want to cut the bumper. Doesn't seem to be a lot out there which fulfils those requirements.
May get an induction kit, as a temporary thing (because this will inevitably end up with itb's haha)
Snappy wheel retrim is high on the list too, I've a nice little touch planned for this.

Just a quick overview of plans for this, plenty of other ideas floating around in my head too. Will be slow progress as I've a lot going on this year.

I managed to give it a clean the other week, then that evening it snowed 😂 so is now filthy once again.
Thoroughly enjoying driving it though, did a run down to Oxford in it last weekend. Such a pleasure on the motorway compared to the polo lol. 41.3 mpg too, I was surprised tbf.

Oh, and this is now booked in with @MicKPM at the end of March for belts, just before the 3 months warranty is up.

For the sake of it, have a chavvy tesco carpark picture 🙈

by B-shaw55, on Flickr
  2005 Fabia Vrs
I'm going to say this (and I desperately need to do the same) but clean plates would make a massive difference.
As I say not a dig, just a note. (And a kick up my own arse to do the same, although my rear one doesn't show the reg clearly if I take a picture with a flash so... ;) )


ClioSport Club Member
Been having a bit of a tinker with it over the past couple of days

Gave this a good clean, God knows what this coating is all over the silver trim bits, but It's a pain in the arse haha

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Bodged the vent too, was stuck on with silicone before, not used padded tape to hold it in, allows for movement too. CBA with swapping the entire surround for a new vent, far too much work for what It's worth

Found out the bumper is too low for my ramps still, thought these days were gone with the polo haha. Luckily bricks saved the day

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Kinda fixed the blow at the cat/mid join. Bolt was rounded off and was just left loose by whatever fool fitted the exhaust.
removed knackered nut and bolt and replaced. But thanks to it being left the flanges are no longer straight. Did it up but its bowed in the middle. Smashed some exhaust paste in, probably wont last but it will have to do until I get a new system.

Currently rolling like this...

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Couldn't live with them being vile any longer, so started on getting them painted this evening.

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Mid cleaning, this stuff takes the piss to get off, covered in blisters on my fingers from removing it haha

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

All cleaned and sanded, ready for priming tomorrow

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Using up some paint I had left over from the polo....

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Good to be having some Porsche colours on this :cool:
It's Arctic Silver, as used on the GT3RS etc. As far as silver goes, its a beautiful shade.

Updates tomorrow.

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
That stuff is like bloody glue! Took me ages to remove mine from my handles and center console but well worth it. I hate grubbiness. I used antibacterial wipes and my fingernails for the console. A good few hours it took but at least it smelt lemony fresh when I was doing it!

I think you need lower ramps if your getting Billies! Future plans sound good but it ain't gonna be cheap! #Moneypit.

Oh and you don't have to remove the center console to fit a new vent. Mine was snapped so I pulled it out and ordered a new one which pops in :smile:


ClioSport Club Member
lol yeah, or remove the bumper every time.
Joking about the vent? I asked on one of the FB pages and everyone was saying couldn't get them and had to replace the lot.
I'll drop Adam a msg, see if he can get a hold of one for us.

And yep, it took me hours to do the centre bit, and another hour n half on the handles today. Typing is a right mission, should see the blisters I have haha. Must have gone soft from not playing cars for a while.
My bumper came off all the time, only four bolts, and two of them don't really need to be in there!
Joking about the vent? I asked on one of the FB pages and everyone was saying couldn't get them and had to replace the lot.
I'll drop Adam a msg, see if he can get a hold of one for us.
I wouldn't believe everything you read on FB :wink:
I seem to remember seeing in Marks project thread the bit about replacing the vent.

The silver surround on the other hand is another matter! i think its plastic welded in hence the need to take the whole bottom dash out to repaint/replace it.

Car is coming along nicely, everything on this page reminds me how many little things i still need to do to mine (plus all the larger stuff too) My clean plates have been sat in the boot since November, it almost seems that every weekend is either raining or too cold
  172 ph1
Looks a tidy ph1 :) I've got same issue with some PH2 lights I've just fitted and got fog light coming on when I brake and indicate to the right! But will try pp172`s method when I get the chance.


ClioSport Club Member
Forgot to mention I'd fixed the fog symbol issue.
Pretty much just cleaned up all connections and it sorted it.

Will be finding out how easy the bumper comes off tomorrow. Going to remove so can get the headlights off for sanding/polishing.
Easier and warmer doing them in the house.

Primed handles today, 1st lot of plastic primer reacted with the plastic haha! useless.
So started again and used some standard high build primer I had knocking around.

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Rub them down tomorrow and paint/lacquer, hopefully ready to fit Saturday.


ClioSport Club Member
Basecoat reacted when I put clearcoat on.. these handles just don't want to look pretty haha.
Still a massive improvement, enough to keep me happy.
Cannot believe how good a finish I've got out of a can with the lacquer, I amaze myself at times 😂

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Such a shame it's reacted, else these would have been perfect!
  Clio Mk2,Mazda3sport
Do like exclusives and this ones certainty gone to a good home and the handles look nice tbh going to keep an eye on this thread


ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Good work on painting the door handles :up: Huge improvement on them from before even with the paint reacting!


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers guys!
Get them fitted tomorrow once the paint has hardened more.

Week off work next week. Hopefully be able to get a bit done, although I'm pretty skint so not a lot I can do that costs nothing really.


ClioSport Club Member
Had an extremely lazy week off, but slowly tackled the headlights.
Because I wanted to stay warm thought I'd do the headlights off the car inside... what an operation 😂
After much faffing and head scratching, eventually got there.

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Making a mess of the kitchen
by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr

Need polishing properly with a rotary, but it already looks so much better. I'm happy with them for now.
Done with 1200,2000,2500 grit papers and then a good going over with T-cut. Have literally no polish in the house thanks to owning a satin car previous haha.

Fitted & a game of spot the difference.
by B-shaw55, on Flickr

by B-shaw55, on Flickr
  2005 Fabia Vrs
Looks really nice bud. Hope to see you about some time, have only ever seen an exclusive parked up ready to be broken :(
Looking forward to what you do with it.


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers dude!
They're not all that different tbf. I do find the colour better in real than in a picture though.
Hopefully getting paint correction done on it, possibly next month if funds will stretch. Bring the shine/metallic out a bit more in the paint.


ClioSport Club Member
Been lacking in updates lately, probably because I've done nothing :smile:
But yesterday I visited @MicKPM At Diamond Motors for a belt change.
The car was a bit of a t**t to him I think haha! Found a couple of bodges with alternator mounting/bracing and even a loose nut in the belt housing area.
Luckily he had the spare bits needed to sort them.
Really happy with the work done, and it's not often I say that about a garage.


Found a few other issues with the car, needs a new engine mount and plugs are past their best, so that's next up on the shopping list.
Discs have nearly had it also, so as soon as I have the cash, I'll be replacing all discs and pads. Just to decide what's the best setup to go with.

Also, Andrew (snappy) has a spare steering wheel of mine :cool:
Can't wait to get that back and on. I've gone for a nice little touch on it too.


ClioSport Club Member
haha it's all good!
I've not had to spend anything more than expected. I'd have given it new plugs regardless at some point.
And I planned to uprate the brakes anyway, this just means sooner rather than later.
Didnt need a new waterpump, so that money saved covers most of plugs and mount :up:

Cheers Aaron, yeah the fixed headlights make such a difference. Had the polisher on them since too so they're even better now!


ClioSport Club Member
Would like to say a massive thanks to @Ph1 Tom, went to his today to collect some goodies, ktec exhaust and prima racing mount, ended up leaving with a bunch of other bits and bobs too :cool:
Even made me a cuppa, gent! Had a natter and discussed the obvious things, turbos and superchargers :grinning:
Was good meeting you man, shame that you're selling it all.

Just so happens, he lives in a pretty cool place, with an even cooler route up there.
It'd have been rude not to do the EVO triangle as I was driving past it,



Stopped for fish and chips



Found an interesting road


And, the boot full of stuff


Also, have an extremely heavy box of bits sat in my bedroom from @George@RTR_Parts that I shall soon be fitting.
'wont be doing much to it until next year' went out the window it seems 😂

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
The "interesting road" is called Marine Drive which goes around the Great Orme. It has been used as a special stage for the WRC. Its a good testing ground as its one way ;)

Great to meet you yesterday. Yes I agree it is a shame, but needs must and it won't be like I'll be without at car once I get the new one sorted.
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ClioSport Club Member
I was taking that road easy, I had no idea where it was going or anything haha! Was good though, some awesome views. Can imagine it being fun if giving it some beans.
Said something at the start about charges? should I have paid or something? lol

Can't wait to get started on fitting all these bits!
About to copy your intake setup too @Dr Jekyll, really should stop spending money though.