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B-shaw’s PH1 Exclusive


ClioSport Club Member
Yep, ordered it all last night. Always liked ITG stuff.
Going to get started this evening after work, wanted to start cycling to work again anyway, I'll have no choice now as It'll be up on stands for a few days.
Will sound completely different after this, new exhaust and intake!


ClioSport Club Member
Been busy, in-between working all damn weekend :rage:

Went about doing the brakes, started on the rears, discovered they were near new... fresh mintex pads and what looked like new discs. Decided not to bother changing them, however did change the lines.


Niiice and easy they were, compared the fronts. Christ, had a right game.
Undoing the flexi's, came out the calliper easy.. but then the solid line, undid all the way but it just would not free. kept spinning but was asif it was stuck. turned out the end of the nut had like, gone like a mushroom inside and wouldn't come off the final thread. lots of swearing and hammering and fluid loss later it finally came out. Filed the end down, tidied up the thread and was good to go inside the new braided line.... here's a picture of the b*****d, all be it once done. too much anger to photograph the actual problem lol.


Other side wasn't so bad, similar issue but came apart much easier.

The complete package


Got them all bled today, not been able to take for a test drive yet though, as I currently have no inlet manifold, off for painting.
Swapped the plugs whilst it was off.
Got some fresh gearbox oil to go in, sometimes crunches on downshift into 3rd when cold, hoping that sorts it. Along with an Evol dogbone mount.
Copied @Dr Jekyll 's air intake setup also, so have all that to fit.
Soon as all that's fitted, I'll be getting the exhaust on.
Busy week or so ahead, but should be a bit of a transformation, sound and stopping wise atleast.



ClioSport Club Member
haha, I cant wait to hear it all once its back running. Going to be like a different car almost, should sound completely different, brakes should hopefully put me through the windscreen, gear changes should be better.

Just received a tasty picture from Snappy too :hearteyes: Cant wait for that parcel to arrive haha.

Managed to get the dogbone mount on, and drain the gearbox of oil, keeps sodding raining though. Haven't got enough time due to work commitments as it is, last thing I need is rain when I'm not at work haha. Shouldn't moan though, I'm off tomorrow.
Hope to get it back on all 4's, gearbox filled back up, inlet prepped and primed (possibly painted) tomorrow, then I can start getting things back on, in the engine bay.


ClioSport Club Member
Gearbox re-filled and the cars finally back on all 4 wheels again.

Been working on the inlet manifold past couple of days, how it was to begin with


After some prep, and working through the grades on the text




Painted, have used matt lacquer but this was when the paint was wet, so looks gloss.



Just need to sand the paint off the text and polish it properly, and it's good to go back on the car.

And, in other news...... this arrived :cool:




Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
Scweeet! Love the inlet colour. I'd be tempted to leave it as it is rather than sanding the lettering off.

Wheel looks great too. I'm a bit unsure on the lettering, but snappys work is immense!


ClioSport Club Member
I cant make my mind up now on the inlet haha... they look good polished, but with the satin clearcoat it reflects the light differently on the text so already stands out a little more than usual.
Think I'll leave it as is for now, can sand it off whenever if I change my mind!

And really? I love the No076 on the wheel.

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
I like it, its just different. I guess it's because I haven't seen it done like that before. The workmanship is fantastic, as with all he's stuff.

Keep the "Renault Sport" as it is for now ;)


ClioSport Club Member
Managed to get quite a bit done this weekend, even with spending Saturday in Cardiff and today being at work until 3.

Cars back on the road now. Few things, the new dogbone mount and the fresh gearbox oil has done nothing to help the crunch on downshift into 3rd, infact I think its worse, I get crunches into 3rd on the upshift now too :(
Might try a different oil, went with what a few guys recommended, 75w90.... should have stuck with Renaults recommendation of 75w80
Also, the vibration through that new dogbone is savage, and its meant to be the softer of the polyurethane. Something else I may change back to standard, will see how I get on with it, if it changes and if I can live with it.

Inlet is back on, and I put the intake and filter on.... oh my gosh, the noise! Seriously overwhelmed by it, the 1st time I took it out, big smiles haha.
You guys weren't wrong about fuel economy going out the window haha!
Still got to give the bay a proper clean, get the engine cover back on and whatnot, but that's probably it for in the bay for a while.

Today after work, I cracked on with the exhaust.


Polished the tip


My pikeytech middle exhaust hanger, idea stolen from someone on here.


LOVE how it looks! Cant get over how well it sits by the bumper! Really really happy with it @Ph1 Tom
Funny thing is, its quieter than the previous exhaust aha, from inside the car, I can't hear the exhaust over the induction noise, which I actually quite like.
Need to get someone to do a drive by for me, so I can hear what it sounds like from outside under load.

Possibly get the steering wheel fitted tomorrow. 1st time I've ever messed with airbags so wish me luck 😂

But yeah, very pleased with how the car is coming along now. Eager to get coilovers and wheels now, just a shame that's going to be a while off yet :confused:

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
Airbag is a piss easy job. 2 clips/torx (can't remember which is ph1 and which is ph2) on the back (easy to get to if you turn the wheel 90 degrees each way) then remove the clips underneath the airbag then a t50 torx to undo the wheel. Some recommend undoing the battery and waiting 20mins before undoing the airbag although I don't bother. If you do, make sure you got the radio code!

Happy you like the IK noise! Sounds awesome from 5k up!

Also the vibration should get softer overtime.

Ph1 Tom

ClioSport Club Member
Glad you're happy with it. It's quieter in the car because it's not a stealth exhaust. The stealth ones just reverberate behind the bumper and the sound comes into the cabin.


ClioSport Club Member
Started cleaning the bay, my biggest regret yet is polishing headlamps with bonnet open. Absolute nightmare getting rid of the polish that went everywhere. It's doing my head in haha.
Got rid of the best part of it anyway, just more cleaning to do when the weather goes nice again.


Still need to get the steering wheel on too, maybe get round to it this weekend.

Isnt letting me edit the above posts, and the image links have died... so heres the wheel again



ClioSport Club Member
That link takes me to a load of sockets? haha
Maybe one day I'll change it, when I'm running out of things to do haha. But for now, I'm happy to just give it a clean and leave the bay be.

Oh, it's Toby btw!


ClioSport Club Member
Looks smart dude!
Had some F1's, sold them within a fortnight as I have other ideas :cool:

Got a few bits done today after work

First up, switched out my hazard switch for one I got off Tom. Glad to say it's fixed the problem of them not working with the key out of the ignition

Next up, fitted the wheel :hearteyes::hearteyes:


Love it, well worth the money IMO
@MicKPM Picture fitted, I think it works with the blue tbf. Would just be better if all the blue, was black haha!

Next, finished cleaning the bay. It's far from immaculate, infact its still pretty dirty. But what the hell, used daily and hopefully, I'll hardly see under the bonnet haha.


Also removed the sound deadening from the bonnet, in the hope it makes the induction noise louder from outside lol! Saves some weight too I guess 😂

Dr Jekyll

ClioSport Club Member
Is the underneath of your bonnet fully painted? My iceberg is and I removed mine and it looks awesome clean now. My old 182 wasn't though so I kept the bonnet sound proofing on :S

What's these plans Toby, do tell ;)


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah, under the bonnet is all painted, although its a little light on lacquer.

No updates as such, put me sticker in, swapped ariel for a smaller one I got off Tom
Front brakes have started squealing, not sure why. Do it at low speed, when I'm rolling up to lights or something. Didnt bed them in properly, so think im going to give the proper procedure a go tonight whilst the roads are quiet.

Bought wheels 🙈


ClioSport Club Member
Done over 2300 miles in the car now in a 3 week period lol.
Did players classic weekend before last, and then drove back down south to my mates weekend just gone, to head over to VW days in France.
Still has all 2300 miles worth of dirt too :cool: haha

Got sent these pictures the other day.... Can't resist showing them



OZ Sparco 'Terra'
BMW Sepang Bronze


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers guys!
Is far from the best, but I'm working on that :wink: haha
And yep, It took hours and hours to find a colour I was happy with. I think I've nailed it, but until I've got them to hand and test fitted, I wont know. Can but hope.
Also never seen these wheels on a clio so its new territory. From the images in my mind they should work well.
Just a shame they have skinted me out, going to be a long wait before they're fitted, need coilovers, tyres, spacers etc before I'll be getting them on. Probably be next year before they're on the car 😧


ClioSport Club Member
Clio's and myself's 1st trackday!
Blyton park circuit.

Waiting for Hi-res images, sorting gopro footage as i type.

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Clio made me proud haha.
Leather seats are going at the 1st opportunity, they're hopeless round a track, sliding all over the bloody place.
Look's good on track :)

How did you find the track as a novice ? i'am thinking off booking Blyton as its a really good beginner track from what the internet says.


ClioSport Club Member
Blyton is decent for beginners, mainly because theres nothing to hit. Worst case scenario you end up in a farmers field haha.
But yeah, I enjoyed it!
Wasnt my 1st time out on a track, but it was my 1st time on a trackday where I've been able to really push without too much of a worry.
I've done the Nurburgring, but it's pretty different. Same in some ways, but very very different in others.

Can't decide on a direction to go now, after this weekend I'm thinking buckets and harnesses.... haha. But I know as a daily, its gonna get tiresome.

Do I go mad and get some very nice, comfy, fixed buckets and decent harnesses
Or maybe the Recaros from the Honda Accord, that are a dark green
Or a standard ph1 sport interior just so as I don't slide about like on the full leathers

Decisions decisions


ClioSport Club Member
Been a loooong time since I've updated this, blimey.

Way back in August I attended OrigineRS at Goodwood, had 45 mins of tracktime which flew by in no time. Mate got a few snaps (and some guy on FB)

You should all know, the day before i went to this show is the last time i washed the car, I still havent washed it.


Not a lot has really happened in the past 6 months to the car. Radiator sprung a leak.... turned out to be the fan cowling had warped and was pressed against the rad. over time itd caused a few holes it seems.



Got a replacement radiator from euro car parts (I know, this was a silly choice)
Turned out it needed a blanking plug that it didnt come with.


Got all that fitted, trimmed the rad cowling straight so it's no longer in contact with the rad. All has been good with that since, touch wood.


Then came the MOT, failed on a split steering arm boot. I was pissed off with cars (my moms lupo had been off the road a while with brake issues, fix one thing and two more broke) so I gave it to the garage for this. Unlike me but i was too angry and it was too cold haha.
Got that done and it passed with no advisories.

After getting my moms lupo sorted, finally, I had motivation to tackle some minor jobs on the clio that had been bugging me for some time.
1st up was the brake light switch, my brake lights werent coming on unless i was on the brakes hard. That was probably the easiest fix I've ever done on a car lol. Nice and simple.

Next up was the screen wash pump, it had gotten to the point where it wasnt even making it over the wipers, next to useless.
got a new pump and went about fitting that.
Passenger side wiper arm was a right b*****d, took 3 of us to get the bugger off on a frosty January evening outside my mates.
Following morning I ripped everything out, cleaned the tank and swapped the pump. For some reason it wouldn't work at 1st but then sprang into life after a couple of goes.


Was great to be able to clean the screen, don't realise how much you take it for granted.

Next up was my annoying leaking boot. Took me forever to figure out where it was leaking from, finally found the suspects on my break at work after a downpour. Grommets that seem to have no point down either side.
Originally thought it was around the lights, as after the 1st hose test thats where it came in from. sealed that up thinking all was good. Following day i come out to a boot full of water again haha.
Broke a grommet on removal but just siliconed it back in place.



Still not sure its 100% cured it, but It's still dry for now.

Went to the Club Polo Rolling road day at Aldon Automotive last weekend. Wasn't going to run it but I got talked into it after realising it was only £15 (those moderator privileges haha)



Glad I did do it, I was expecting around 160/165bhp at the most... what I got surprised everyone, including me and the guys at Aldon...


So an actual 172 with as near as it gets, 172bhp.

And on that Bombshell... Until next time.
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Car looks great mate really wanted an exclusive when I bought my clio but couldn't find one so had to settle for a ph2 :( you must have the only other lime green lupo i'v ever seen my family has one as a spare car used to be my sisters but now everyone just abuses going to the tip, taking the dog out etc lol


ClioSport Club Member
Tiny tiny update, getting a little closer to being able to throw £££ at this so got down to sorting a little job out.
Got those Sparco wheels a while back, the guy lost the centre caps though, tried emailing OZ direct to get replacements but multiple emails got ignored, theyre not the most helpful people then haha!
Anyway, measured up what size I'd need and went about purchasing some ebay specials and some stickers to go with.
They arrived, but they were slightly domed, thought the stickers never going to stick to these so instead of returning them for a £5 refund i had a go at butchering them with the dremel instead lol!


Right is domed shape, left is after being shaved down with the Dremel

Skim of filler to get everything nice and flat


Paint (some leftover Porsche silver I had in a can)


Completed with these cool retro stickers I found


Got bored today and though I'd test fit to see if I can get an idea of what spacers I'll be needing.
Seeing them against the car, the colour combo I don't think I could have gotten any better, I'm so pleased with them!




Cannot wait to get them on the car, shame It's still going to be some time before that happens haha!
The size of the shopping list of parts is ever increasing, and It's all stuff I want to do before I feel the car's ready to have wheels.

Basic list...
20mm front spacers
10mm Rear spacers (maybe, undecided still)
Bilstien B14's
PMS rear ARB
PMS solid top mounts
PMS front strut brace
OEM Wishbones (cup)
Poly ARB bushes
Any other bushes etc that may need replacing

Also I want to do interior changes
Accord TypeR Recaros (green trendlines basically)
Subframes to suit
Standard ph1 doorcards
Carpet rear (no back seats)

Anyone want to donate? aha!


Almost forgot, did a sly buy on a spoiler. One I've never seen before but I reckon it should look cool along with other mods.
I'll bung that on too once everything else is done.