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BB Tuning RR session results

Went over to BBTuning this morning for a power plot for my std import 172 and here are the results:-

Engine Power (measured)...177.3bhp@101mph / 6485 rpm

Engine Power (corrected)...172.6bhp@101mph / 6485 rpm

Wheel Power (measured)...149.4bhp@101mph / 6485 rpm

Torque (corrected)...150lb/ft @ 5459 rpm

Temp was 9 Celcius, and the car has done under 5k miles

Rather happy with that, and very pleased with the service from BB Tuning - very professional and extremely helpful!
  williams and trophy

seems like you got one of the good ones.

and from what ive heard bbt arent the kind of company to doctor results to keep the paying clients happy

nice 1


Must have been the way I ran the car in! Carefully does it to 600 miles, then an oil change at 1000miles and then a Brands track day where I thrased it!!!