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Best Android Tablet with SIM card?

  Not a Clio
My wife wants to get rid of her laptop + Android phone (both pretty old) and replace with one device. It must be Android, not iOS.

I have a MacBook, so that'll cover home internet browsing/photo editing/film watching etc, but she wants something more portable to browse the net, take a few photos and use as a phone. She very rarely makes calls hence wondering if she can get away without a mobile phone.

Not much choice I guess as she really doesn't like the iPad!
Galaxy Tab or Note perhaps?

Answers on a postcard (or tablet!)
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  Clio 172mk2
new nexus as said ^^^, or oneplus one (slightly smaller screen) but for cost and functionality you cant complain. then sim only plan

Ay Ay Ron

ClioSport Club Member
The Nexus 6 is the new phone.
As far as I'm aware, you can't make calls on the 7 or 10 (or maybe the new 9?)
  Not a Clio
So it looks like there aren't many tablets that all function as phones (without adding apps, which is easy enough).
Most of the Galaxy models seem to allow calls though.
The main choice seems to be whether a 10 inch tablet is needed or if a smaller tablet (or even 6 inch phone) will be acceptable.
Decisions, decisions.